Liralen Li (liralen) wrote,
Liralen Li

Jet slept well, even after having eaten all that dairy. He'd had the butter cream frosting and a few chunks of ice cream and still did just fine. I'm very thankful.

Today's just like any other day. I guess anniversaries are a bit like that. Daily life just keeps going on, and the marker is just a marker, not any real change like the original event was. It's just a memory, a reminder.

I'm still mildly amazed at how *much* life has changed in the last year and how much it now feels like just the way things are, now. Working at home with John is just the way things should be. *grin*

The Super Bowl was fun to watch, yesterday. It was actually exciting! Yay! And interesting! And close! And the finish was really, really good. As Madden said, "That's the way a Super Bowl should be won!" Taking the chances and going for the win instead of settling for something else. I was pleased.

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