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The Epitome of Sharing

While I was playing Crash 2 so that Jet could watch, he ate his dinner and his fruit. Then, I asked him to go upstairs to get some Oreos.

Jet then asked me how many to get for me, and I answered, "How about two?"

"Okay. I want two, too, then."


So he went upstairs and we yelled back and forth a bit about where the cookies were, and then I heard his sturdy footsteps coming back down.

"Well, Mom, it's not so good. There aren't enough Oreos for us to each have two. There's only two left." Jet held out the last two chocolate rounds. "I guess that means one for you and one for me." And he handed me one of the two cookies.

"Thank you, Jet. That's very cool to share exactly like that."

"Yeah! It is cool that we both get one."

I munched mine as I played. Jet carefully pulled his apart, licked up all the icing and then ate the first cookie. He grinned, "Look! I have a brand new cookie!" as he brandished the second one and then cheerfully crunched it all up. "Yum."
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