Liralen Li (liralen) wrote,
Liralen Li

A Good Weekend

The party went well. 40 parents and kids all in the house as it was raining really well. It's times like these that I'm glad we have the house we do. "Welcome to Seattle," was John's greeting at the door. Hee. It was good, lots of food was eaten, no one was badly hurt, and there was lots of fun to be had between Jet's playroom upstairs and the basement full of things to do.

I was flat on Sunday, though, so just knitted while John ushed the beginning of the service. Then we left for home. I fretted about replanting things until I put a dozen of Jet's baby spider plants into One Big Pot. Then I was better. I still have a couple dozen tomato plants to redo. Jet had a birthday party in the afternoon so we went and got a birthday present for Chris. Jet spotted a maze toy he really wanted, so he opened his bank, found that he had the $11 dollars he needed, and he asked, quite politely, if I would take him there to buy it. So we did.

While Jet was at the party, I watched the concluding Twelve Kingdom DVDs for the three girls. Two-thirds of the series was them getting their clues, and once they had them they were quite effective with them. I was glad of that. I always cringe at people throwing away their clues, but maybe that's what makes a good story, how they recover them, the consequences of tossing them in the first place, and all that. Bujold books always start with a grand Tossing of Clue or some really cringe-worthy mistake and bungle or fuck up and I usually can't read it after the first time. I like reading the recovery and process to something better in the end the best. Slogging through the first two-thirds of them trying to figure out their clue was so hard that I had to stop for a few weeks, but the ending was worth it as all the hard lessons they learned pay off.

Dinner was leftovers. It's definitely past "clearing the fridge out" time for the upcoming trip.

I finished three baby sweaters in less than three days. My right hand was tingling a bit this morning, warning me that perhaps watching multiple DVDs and knitting mechanically while watching was not the best of ideas. I'll do more planting today to make up for this and for that. I hope to gift the sweaters today. :-) Then I'll publish pictures.
Tags: gardening, knitting, party

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