Liralen Li (liralen) wrote,
Liralen Li

Quieter Day

Mom and Dad took Jet to the aquarium this morning, after a rousing game of "baseball" in my parents' backyard with John, Dad, and Jet rotating between the hitter, pitcher, and catcher roles. It was pretty cool, as the adults had to hit the ball with the broomstick handle, while Jet got to use the whole broom. So he won quite handily.

John and I took off on all our "shopping" needs in the area, which, of course, included Ranch 99 and Trader Joe's. We even got to stop at a Tommy's Chili Burger stand that had gone way South and ended up in this area rather than the greater LA basin. It was like a bite of memory. Not just the scent and flavor, but that very distinct texture was exactly the Stuff. It helped having the paper towel dispensers in the shiny-new fast food store with actual soda fountains instead of the coolers filled with cans. It was weird to have them push the fries when we never got fries at Tommy's. But it was quite good.

When we got home, the trio had done their water walking and even had eaten lunch. Jet ate six entire nuggets, a first for him.

So John, Jet and I took our bikes down to the beach. Up by the point just south of Pacific Beach. We'd hauled our bikes 1400 miles on the back of the Eurovan, so we had to use them on the boardwalk, and it was really cool to do so. We stopped a little ways in and built sand castles and a big sand wall for Jet "to save the presidents in the pool!" A fifteen minute venture took hours.

Then we rode North for a ways and then headed in East a bit to the Mission Bay Park, which was only a block or two inland. There it was much quieter. There were far fewer people than those on the beach proper.

We headed back home after we got back to the van, took our showers, got our laundry going, and Mom and Dad took us to the Souplantation a soup and salad bar for dinner. Jet ate a lot, and is now doing his homework. It was good to have a quieter day... we're going to have a very busy day tomorrow, with a visit to the Zoo.
Tags: roadtrip

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