Liralen Li (liralen) wrote,
Liralen Li

Yesterday was an 18000 step day at the San Diego Zoo and well worth every step of it. We met up with friends from home and my Dad and Kathy wandered about with us. We ended the day with a quick trip to Target for a plastic bat and wiffle balls and a travel Hot Wheels set. Then we went to the Crazy Seafood Buffet where we all ate a lot. Kathy, John and I did a Trader Joe's run while Jet played with Hot Wheels with my parents, and then we went home to talk and look at Chinese calligraphy and a bit of my family history. That was cool.

This morning was breakfast and then a short trip out to Mission Beach where the boys and I played a bit of Jetball, a highly modified version of baseball. We dug mines and then Jet and I made sand balls for bombing the mines. We ended up carving a couple of faces in the balls and setting them somewhere for others to enjoy until they dried out.

We then went back to the house, showered, and then had lunch with the whole family. There was another Jetball game in the backyard with Kathy and Dad. Then Jet started trying to hit the ball multiple times with his bat. It went over the embankment and down the hill to the street below. So we had to stop and do some family pictures in the yard and then in our Van. Kathy does pan-os, which are completely panoramic shots of all 360 degrees as well as above and below. She then stitches them together to make an interactive view of the world at the point the camera was placed. She did one of Mom and Dad's backyard with Jet in every shot. It's pretty bemusing.

It was a good trip, all in all. I'm pretty happy.

At two Jet, John and I got into the Eurovan and headed North and East, the 52 to the 15 and then just up to Barstow. There was a big traffic slow down just as we were getting out of the LA basin right at 4, we were praying it wasn't rush hour, but then got stuck in a jam behind an accident several miles before Victorville. Bah. But we made it here in time for both boys to jump into the unheated pool, play a game of Battleship and then we're heading to dinner at a local pasta/pizza place in an old firehouse.
Tags: roadtrip

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