Liralen Li (liralen) wrote,
Liralen Li

Ooof Milage

We did nearly 750 miles today. It was a very long day. Mostly just north on 15 and then east on 70 and we finally stopped out here in Fruita because the Comfort Inn had an indoor, heated pool, and the Super 8 here and in Green River was full. Plus the Super 8 in Grand Junction, just 10 miles away, didn't have a pool. I did a three and a half hours of driving in the morning and another two in the afternoon between lunch and a snack break. It felt more useful to be driving than to be riding.

We got some pretty amazing shots of the Arizona and Utah landscapes. There was a point called Ghost Rock that overlooked an amazing array of red rock mountains. There were smart truckers just parked there for the night. I admire anyone that can plan to wake to a view like THAT.

The Comfort Inn was a bit more expensive, but the pool was very fine, and the hot tub was very deep and VERY hot. Hot enough to put Jet right to sleep after the long day. Plus instead of the usual double doubles we've been putting up with, we have a King bed for John and I and a pull out sofa bed for Jet. Much nicer for all involved.

I'm happy with the free wireless, too.

We're within striking distance of home, now, and should arrive in plenty of time to unpack, do a ton of laundry, stock up on a few things to eat and then collapse. Home. It'll be nice. :-)
Tags: roadtrip

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