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There's an ad on TV, now, where a young black guy is advertising for a local trade school. He talks a good talk about how easy it is to just pick up the phone and call for something that'll make your life better. "Why make it so complicated? You just pick up the phone and call this number..."

I think about that when I'm hung up on "having" to call the dentist to look at or fix something that's uncomfortable, to call an optometrist when the old one isn't doing everything I really want done, or to call about something that would just make my life a little better. When it's someone else's life or something that someone else needs, I'm all over it. But when it's "just" for me... I procrastinate like I'm stupid or something. *grin*

Just pick up the phone and call, why make it so complicated?

So I called the dentist to try and get an appointment about the fact that food is getting stuck between the plate of my bridge and my tooth on the cutting edge of my front tooth. I have one now after having to explain in better detail what was going on, as the initial answer was just "floss and it'll get taken care of". Then I called the Eye Care Center that John went to a few months ago and got a good exam and glasses from. Our Xilinx coverage ends at the end of the month, so I thought I'd take care of that before it runs out completely.

I volunteered at Jet's class today, and the art project was to put together a paper chain of 21 links under a cardboard egg with a glitter "21" written in liquid glue and then glittered on top. It was amazing how much of my "complex parallel systems" brain I had to use to keep all the kids on track when two of the groups had six kids at a time in 'em, and I had to count out all 21 strips of paper for each kid and make sure they all had glue sticks, liquid glue, and had some clue of what to do with what was in front of them. It's astonishingly like managing six engineers on a project and trying to get them all to get their part of it done with their strengths in time. Hee.

Then I went to Target to finally return half of a pair of pant. Yes. It seems that it is now fashionable to have denim "Bermuda shorts" that come right to my knee. It's not short enough to be shorts, not long enough to be caprees, and I have to admit that they just felt weird, like wearing half pants. So I finally had to just return them and not be dictated to by fashion.

It was kind of scary to have ALL my stock options disappear from my ETRADE account, as I was given to understand that while I was on leave, my options would be completely available to me, as I was still on active roster. But it turned out that the real change was that ETRADE was simply no longer taking care of Xilinx options. Ah... So they're still available to me, just not through the channel I was expecting them. Whew. John was like, "They were available just yesterday!" But that was something of a heart attack for a bit, but all's well that ends well.

We all just got approved for health insurance, and that was kind of weird. My asthmatic past has upped my premiums by 25% over the boys', but given that it was dirt cheap compared to COBRA even with the extra, I'm okay with that. We get all our exams completely covered, and then anything catastrophic is covered with tax free dollars for everything in between. Turns out Colorado law, if you are refused or have your rates raised by health insurance due to a pre-existing condition, gives you alternatives and they actually put in a sheet with all the alternatives and a special plan for those who need it. I hadn't known that could be state law, but it is here. It's interesting to see that.

Mrs. Bauer, Jet's teacher, had a wish list item of "Michael's Gift Certificate", and a new Michael's had gone in just across town. So I went there and got that. I then went to Ross to find a "normal" pair of shorts. No luck on that, BUT, wonder of wonders, a brand spanking-new Good Times was in the parking lot!! Woohee! They do 100% all natural Coleman beef in their burgers, whole leaf lettuce in the sandwiches, and onion rings from real rings of sweet onions. They have really spicy guacamole to put on anything, and their lemonaide is fresh squeezed from real lemons. *grin* Best of all, they serve a frozen custard, and on Tuesdays, the flavor of the Day is Oregon Blackberry. My favorite. The chicken is all from real chickens and real, whole muscles from chickens. And my absolute favorite is their chicken sandwich, with a whole slice of ripe tomato, a big leaf of lettuce, a small blob of real mayo, and a hot, juicy hunka real chicken in the middle. Happiness on a whole wheat bun.

And my Mom wonders what I do all day. Hee.

I got home after all that, and had all the phone calls. I also have a bunch of pictures to download and get up on flickr from the trip. There's stuff I want to print at another run at scrapbooking. After doing MOST of the Vermont trip... I've stalled. I need to finish that book and get on with Jet's life. Hee. I have stuff stashed into a scrap book, into all the plastic pages, that I need to turn into real pages for us. It would be fun, and then, maybe get started on just this year again. Or something.

The forty some-odd tomato plants are happy as anything in the sunshine in our guest bedroom. The sugar snap peas and other peas are peeking out of the ground and Jet's two plants are already looking for supports. They've gotten a LOT more solid now that they're out in the snow, wind, rain, and sunshine. My onion starts are not doing nearly as well, but I think they need more cold and, perhaps, a cutting or two, as the garlic chives always did better after getting cut.

My "summer off" indeed. I think I'm busier now than I was when I was working. Yeesh.

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