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Tag I'm It! Yeesh...

I was tagged by writeanya. To play, you have to write in your blog 10 random things about yourself, facts or habits. Next you tag 10 people, and say you tagged them. You leave a comment saying “tag, you're it” and send them to your blog to explain, (but you can't tag someone who tagged you).

Hmmm... facts or habits... facts or habits...

1. My hair grows very quickly. I had nearly a boy's hair cut when Jet was 18 months until he was nearly 3, because he was pulling on the purple streak through my hair a bit too much after he was one years old. Then I just let it grow again. He just turned 6 and my hair is halfway down my back again. I'm about to cut it off again since the local kids' haircut place has a "Locks of Love" cut for only six bucks. Might as well get some good out of doing good, too.

2. I still time my tea steeps. Even after decades of loving tea and brewing it obsessively, I still set a timer every time I brew something I care about. For some reason I seem to just get too distracted in those few minutes before it's done to ever pull it out in time. But I nearly never measure anything but the CTC teas, those I do the strict teaspoon rules, but nearly all the big leaf stuff is by memory of how much was "good" last time I brewed it in the particular vessel I have at the moment.

3. When I was something like sixteen, my Mom sent me to something like a Macy's to get a Do Over at their beauty salon. They plucked my eyebrows, got rid of all other facial hair, and made me up and showed me all the ways to apply the stuff. When I got home, Mom said, "AAck! They made you look Japanese!!" The eyebrows were all weird... so nearly ever since then I use pretty much no make up whatsoever other than on special occasions.

4. I do, however, have a pretty strict regimen of face care. Pretty much every day I use Lush's Herbalism or AVEDA's gel cleanser to clean with. I like to use Origin's A Perfect World toner. I'll moisturize with my little sample of Gorgeous until it runs out, but usually I use their workaday Imperialis. If I'm going to be out in the sun, I'll layer on some Origins Have a Nice Day. Uhm... yeah... possibly more things to have no make up at all than if I'd used make up? I dunno. Now that I'm doing it nearly every day I haven't had nearly as many pimples.

5. I prefer to garden in my bare hands, when I can. Dirt just feels so good. And I can't imagine feeling the seeds and dropping them one at a time with anything but bare hands. But it dries my hands out really badly, so I resort to gloves in the OUR Center garden and when I'm pulling weeds. I love pulling weeds. One of my fondest memories of my childhood in Indiana was taking my red umbrella out onto the lawn in a warm, summer rain, with a bucket and the weeding tool and pulling dandelions. There's something about eliminating the enemies of the plant I want to survive that just gets to me.

6. When I first learned to knit, it was English style. I learned Continental when I first got the Starmore Fair Isle book. Now my habit is to knit Continental until I get tired, and then swap to English/throw. I knit for only half as long when I'm doing two color work as I can't swap hands...

7. I nearly only cry at good things. I swear and yell at most bad things or else I just start working on fixing it or making it better. I didn't shed a drop when I broke my ACL, never cried as a kid at shots or bruises or skinned knees or stitches, didn't cry after I went into systemic shock from an allergy shot, during any of the hundreds of hours of PT for my hands or my knee, or when I thought I was fired because I was married to John. I did cry buckets when Fezzik died, but... well... I cried when Jet was finally safe and warm and asleep on my belly in the middle of the night after he was born. I cried when I saw the future in "Meet the Robinsons" because it was so *cool*... I believe in bad futures more than I believe in good ones, I think. I think mostly in movies and books, I meet all the bad things with nothing but wondering how it'll work out or a dry, cynical eye, and I only cry when something works out unexpectedly WELL.

8. I love writing with interesting writing instruments. I have hundreds of fountain pens, neat mechanical pencils, and both the Kinesis and the Touchstream keyboards. There's something to enjoying writing the words as much as the words themselves...

9. I cook in order to experiment and to satisfy my own and sometimes John's cravings for a certain quality or type of food. I saw a program where a lady had just had her kitchen redone and she said the best thing about it was being able to show her love for her family every day by cooking for them in it. Awwww... thought I... that is SO NOT ME. Ahem. I so don't want Jet to equate food with love that it's odd sometimes. I really don't want the implied "if you loved me you'd eat what I cook for you." Which might explain his tastes in food.

10. A long time habit of mine is always explicitly asking for consent before inflicting something on them, even if they find it pleasurable. *grin* So if anyone wants to be tagged, leave a comment on this entry and I'll tag you. I'd actually be VERY interested in reading this list from anyone on my friends list and a few that have friended me as well. So feel free to say, "I'm it!"
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