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Self-Conscious Moment

I had given seeds to the manager of the OUR Center hospitality thing before our vacation with dates and instructions on what was go to in when. When I got back today, I went out there and saw that nothing had been planted. It made me grumpy.

I did my weeding with a vengeance. I think this is the one avenue where I have very clear "good guys" and "bad guys", and I can completely eradicate the "bad guys" and feel no qualm. None. Zero. Zilch. Whack!!

When I finished it I was a bit calmer, and went in to ask him if he'd actually planted them and I just couldn't tell the rows... and he said, "The cold front came in, so I couldn't go out and do it."

And the first thing out of my mouth was, "But the kohlrabi would have LOVED the cold!"

I now cringe and have to giggle a bit at that. Yes. I was expecting him to go out into a snow storm to plant them on time. No, that was NOT actually a reasonable expectation, I now realize. But there were a couple of warm days in there... and *I* was out in the rain and cold just before the vacation to get things in... but... what I expect out of me may well not be... hmmm... reasonable?


I guess I now know myself a little better. And, yes, I sent him an apology and a written reminder that the green onions are entirely ready to be cut if they want some.
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