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Volvo Driving School

Volvo Driving School
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This is Jet's proudest moment from the whole of Legoland.

He still talks about getting his driver's license from this event. All the cars are just free moving, the kids can drive them anywhere, but the area is marked off with lanes. There are also stop lights, stop signs, merging areas, and lots of other stuff. The kids were given a video briefing while in line as to the rules of the road and the fact that they were not to treat the cars as bumper cars.

Then 40-odd kids ran out to their cars, put on their seat belts, and put up their hand when they were secure. When all the hands were up, the power was turned on to all the cars, and off they went!

They were surprisingly conscientious. No real bumps, only a few accidents, and Jet said, quite proudly, "I stopped and looked both ways when I came to the stop sign."

It was an impressive display of kids living up to the expectations set before them. When they were done, the cars all turned off, they hopped out and ran to the exit and the attendents handed them all drivers' licenses.

Jet got his gung gung to print him an ID sized picture of himself and he carefully glued it onto the license, and then asked for help in filling it out. He now puts it in his duct tape wallet and carries it everywhere. I wouldn't be surprised if someone jokingly asked him for his drivers license if he wouldn't just whip it out.

My sister took this picture. You can tell because she got Jet focussed and the other kids are NOT in the focal length of her lens. It's impressive to me. :-)
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