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Fun Friday

We started the day by going to the Original Pancake House and having pancakes and French Toast on Jet's part. I had the very delicate and nice wild blueberry pancakes with blueberry compote and bit of whipped butter. Jet ate the FULL order of French toast, all four slices, rather than the "kiddie" sized two slices as he said he wasn't a little kid anymore. John got a more traditional breakfast, but with buttermilk pancakes instead of toast, and it was all Good.

We did some errands in Boulder, including a stop at the Asian Seafood market just in case they might have the sour plum powder that Jet has been using on everything from strawberries and mangos to hard boiled eggs and corn dogs(!). We've still got a good supply, but boy will it be a sad day when it runs out! They didn't have any, so we'll keep looking.

The forecasts had PROMISED snow and rain with snow accumilations between 6-12 inches!! But didn't deliver at all. Phooey. The low headed South and we didn't get anything but a few flakes in the parking lot at the Pancake House.

Jet has a load of homework, work he has to do over the weekend plus the work he missed doing the day he missed of school before Spring Break. So we've spent a good amount of time today doing some of that and some of his Thank You notes he still hasn't done for Christmas and his birthday. The great thing is that he's writing his thank you notes himself, now. It's pretty impressive. He's even trying to do "fancy" lettering. Given that his normal lettering is still a mite hard to read sometimes, it got very giggly... we'll see if anyone can read their notes when they get them. *grin* But the effort was very well intensioned.

Lunch was hot noodle soup for everyone and Jet watched all 12 of the six minute Shaun the Sheep shorts gifted us by a friend. We'll buy them when they come out in the US later this year, but Jet loves them so much, he's watching them over and over and over and.... Then we went to the Rec. Center and swam like mad for nearly two hours. Ouch.

Since it was nearly dinner time, we headed to Souper Salad and chowed down until both Jet and I said our tummies hurt. Hee. Then home and more homework. Now I get to put the Jetster to bed. A very, very nice day....
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