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15,000 Step Day

I got up with Jet this morning. We played Parcheesi on his new car games book, and it was good. John got up an hour later and looked quite refreshed. :-) So he made baked pancakes while I put myself together. Then the three of us headed to a four-year-olds birthday party at Sunflower Farm here in Longmont.

It was amazing. It's a farm with lots of animals and a HUGE tree house with bridges that swing but have huge net sides so the kids are pretty much safe. There's half a dozen tree swings, and enormous sand box, and trampoline, and lots and lots of animals. They do a pony ride when the pony is in the mood for it, there's a whole pen of goats, a number of rabbit hutches, a couple of horses in a pasture, and a small barn with lots of chickens, a calf, and a tiny black, pet sheep that runs around chasing the chickens for the fun of it. There are also picnic tables and shelters scattered all over the grounds. These are for birthday parents to set up party stuff and have parties. They get a two hour slot to do their Thing with the food, cake, and presents, and then they have to clear the tables, but are free to enjoy the other amenities of the area for the rest of the day.

Jet was a happy camper. He was tentative on the bridges the first time through, but when he tried them and I assured him that he couldn't die on them, he got more confident. By the end of the day he was yelling, "Charge!" and running across them all, including the one with just a net for the bottom. He also loved the tire swings that were shaped like horses. He could have just ridden one of those all day, screaming with joy as John pushed him higher and higher... He was okay with the pony ride, but didn't find it that comfortable, so he just did it once.

The party was fun, the kids had a blast, and the animals were not too badly treated at all. The baby chickens had the hardest time of it as some of the kids couldn't quite figure out how to not chase them by running them all over the place and then grabbing them a bit too hard... but all the other animals were quite happy to be fed corn.

There was an ENORMOUS sow in her pen at the side of the area, teats in obvious display, yet all the parents and kids kept calling her "him". *sigh* She cleaned up all the food from all the parties, quite happily, as the kids squealed while throwing her half-eaten cupcakes, hot dogs, and potato chips. Happy sow.

Spring showed up on the farm quite gloriously. The cottonwoods had that misty pale green look to them, with just the leaf buds unfurling all over their winter harshness. The goats had lots of kids and one nanny goat had a kid that would only drink on one teat, so the farmer had to milk the other one to relieve the pressure. She kept trying to kick him as he did it, though. The fields were all showing new colors.

We played a good hour and a half past the party deadline, and I finally said I'd had enough. Even with the antihistamines, I was feeling loggy with fighting the hayfever and animal allergies I have. So we went home with Macy as her family had to head off to a soccer game and pictures, all of which she didn't really want to do. We went home.

John then took care of the kids while I ran off to the OUR center to do a bunch of weeding, transplanting, and planting. I transplanted a bunch of raspberry runners, a leek, and a green onion that had escaped the raised beds. I planted a bunch more peas of both the shelling and suger snap types, and I watered like mad as the weather has turned warm and dry all of a sudden, even after the promised rain and snow that never appeared. I put in a full two hours in the sun and when I finished I treated myself to a book they'd held for me at the library.

Kathy, a while back, had recommended Inkheart and Inkspell by Funke for me. I had put them on the wish list way back when, but thought I might as well check them out for free, first. So I now have both of them, a couple of Boyd biographies, a book on Flying Aces as squadron leaders, and two Chinese painting books all on loan from the library for just three weeks. We'll see how well I do. *grin*

I *did* buy the Chinese painting book my Mom recommended, and I'm in love. Even though the text is all in Chinese, the examples graphics are ALL THERE, and wow is it wonderful. Nearly a 100 aspects of small birds, just as many as that of arrangements of bamboo leaves, clear steps for doing cranes, frogs, and fish and dozens of other things at a level of detail no English writing author of a Chinese painting book has even come *close* to. I needed this to aspire to something much better than what I've been doing.

Anyway... it was good to come home, get clean, and then hit the grocery store for dinner goods. We came back home and I was famished, so I had a couple of cashews, and then cooked dinner while Jet did MORE homework. He enjoyed it, though, so it was cool and he's learned that it's bad to procrastinate due to the slog at the end of spring break. He actually volunteered to do his assignment instead of just play, so he could get it done earlier rather than later. So I'm pretty proud of him.

After dinner, we tried out Sugar's Ice Cream in Prospect, and were not very happy with it. It's just the local Glacier Ice Cream, but they only have a dozen flavors and nearly none of the Gelato selections I really craved. I actually threw out half my cone as it was just too sweet. Jet ate all of his chocolate mint kid's cone, though. So we'll have to try that flavor at the bigger store sometime.

It was an utterly gorgeous day. A two layers of sunscreen day for me, as each time before I went out, I slathered SPF 50 on, and I'm still feeling a bit scorched. It was only up to the low 60's today, but it felt so much warmer when I was in the sun, as it usually does in this solar climate. But wow... I'm not sure I want to be out in the OUR Center garden when it's 100 degrees out. Yeesh.
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