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Better Ending than Beginning

Wow... livejournal is BUSY on Sunday night. Funny that. *grin*

I was cranky when I woke up. Poinky is Jet's word.

I am now mildly better. The biggest thing in my brain was that the seedlings at the OUR center garden were dying from drying up as the spring storms have not HIT us. I keep having to go in and water and it was making me upset, as I do NOT have the time to go in there every darned day.

Of course, after a waffle breakfast that John had made (he makes the crunchiest, tastiest whole wheat waffles I've ever eaten) and after driving the boys to church, I took off and went to the OUR center garden and found that the seedlings I'd soaked yesterday were still nicely damp and looked quite a bit happier than I thought they were yesterday. So all is well at the moment. And I found the lady in charge of the OUR center at church and asked her about help and she said that she'd get the volunteer lady to find some folks to water since I can't be there all the time.

That was good.

I then went home for my knitting bag. Problem was that I'd finished Jet's second hand towel and while I had a ton of socks I could be knitting, as well as a couple of felting projects, I didn't feel like knitting any of them. I cast around my stash pile for a bit, and most of the things I really WANTED to do had to do with spinning. Finally I just picked my graphs for the phoenix sweater and a pencil. I finally roughed in the extra inch at the bottom of the sweater while sitting and waiting for the service in the fellowship hall. It's a big step to start something that big, again. I think I want to finish it before my decisions in September.

Church was okay. We're about to get an interum pastor as our senior pastor is retiring. We love Pastor Anne, and there will be a big party for her retirement in May. But it was a little sad and all that as we ready for all that. I got nominated for the worship board and decided to say yes. It's a job of a couple of years. I've told folks about the possibility of us moving, but there's also a lot of factors that may well keep us here, too. So... *sigh* It's hard to think of moving when we're so well established here, Jet has all his friends within yard distance, and I'm still in the process of figuring out this retiring thing. So it's likely we're NOT going to move this summer, but we're still holding the door open for "sometime".

But it was flattering to be wanted, and flattering to think that even with my Hawaiian shirts and jeans ethic of wearing comfortable things to church, they'll let me be involved in planning as well as performing the services, shaping our worship methods, I guess. There's a bunch of folks here who think I'm a "visual" person due to the painting, the knitting, the bowls, and painting the silk banners (of which I still owe people pictures). I think my being an introvert helps the image because I have to absorb things before I say stuff. I haven't had the heart to tell them, yet, that it's 'cause work ate the verbal part of my brain and I didn't have anything left but the Right side stuff. It'll be good to surprise people. *grin*

We came home reluctantly, as the sunny, warm day was beautiful in the church gardens, and the kids were having such a great time playing outside. Jet was playing with someone who was being a bit too rough and who accidentally rubbed Jet against a tree while they were kind of wrestling. Jet sat on a wall, looking sad, and when I came up he said, "I'm sitting here because I don't want to be beat up anymore." Awww...

I sat next to him and asked, "Did you tell them they were being too rough?"

Jet looked me in the eye and said, "No. I forgot because I was having too much fun."

I hugged him as he seemed like he was about to cry and he sighed and relaxed. I said, "Yeah... that makes some sense. It's hard to tell, sometimes, huh?" He nodded. "But he should have said sorry." "Maybe you should ask him?" Jet thought about it.

He did finally go up to the much bigger kid and asked, "Can you please say sorry to me for accidentally pushing me into the tree?"

And the big kid did so and Jet said, "Thank you."

Jet then invited the kid over to play, and they can come over on Wednesday, so that should be okay. We're having the knitting group here, and we'll have all the kids here for kind of kid care for the other meetings. So that should be fun.

Jet's really into cootie catchers/fortune tellers/paper number picker thingys. He likes having us write the "fortunes" into them after he's folded and numbered them. He finally gave up numbering them and tells us to pick a number between 1 and 8. He now has a dozen of them.

The afternoon was just gorgeous. Jet spent a bunch of it watching Shaun the Sheep while eating his version of deviled eggs:

Deviled Eggs a la Jet
One hard boiled Easter egg, split in half and the yolk scooped out and mixed with dallops, pinches, and drops of:
soy sauce
balsamic vinegar
honey mustard
teriyaki sauce
sour plum powder (you knew that was coming, right?)

Mix the yolk smooth and spoon gently back into the whites.

Jet ate both halves with BBQ chips and pink lemonaid Kool-Aid. This is not typical "kid food". He isn't picky in the usual ways, at all. Yeesh.

I spent chunks of the afternoon reading painting books and peering at what I want to do next. I have a whole set of brushes, now, for actual color painting. I just haven't gotten the courage up, yet. I also read some manga and chunks of the first of the Ink books. I ran off to get a few ingredients for dinner for John. And then Jet sucked me into playing the Incredibles PS2 game, and we played while John made dinner. It's good to have a man that cooks. He made the wonderful as always artichoke heart casserole. It's a layer of spinach and rice, a layer of cooked meat, a layer of chopped artichoke hearts, a layer of cheese, and a layer of sauteed mushrooms. Then a curry-based sauce with mayo (and our version uses plain yogurt for half the mayo), flour, spices, and milk is poured on top. The whole thing bakes for an hour and the cheese and rice get all good and crusty and the scent alone brought both Jet and I up from the basement.

Jet, of course, just ate a bowl full of rice with "hairy sprinkles" and teriyaki sauce. We had casserole and salad. Then all three of us dove into a box of strawberries. Jet had them with the sour plum powder until I got out the can of light whipped cream and the three of us passed the can around and "filled" our strawberries as we ate them. Hee. Jet ate five of the huge California strawberries. Woohoo!! They're on sale at the moment. A four pound flat for just $6. It's well worth doing. *grin*

That pretty much made my day. Jet and I did his reading homework for a while, but he balked at the very end and nearly fell asleep on my lap. We gave him some choices, and he decided to do a simple cut out and paste assignment and wanted to do the more complex poster assignment in the morning. He accomplished that successfully and wanted just fifteen more minutes of the game. So he and I did that. Then he let John put him to bed, and I took a little time to write.

I feel much better now.
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