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Sunday, early, I took John and four others the hour trip to DIA and then drove the hour back to church to find Jet and give him a hug.

I'm realizing that for every person that goes on these mission trips and does stuff, that there's likely at least a family if not a whole community behind them, supporting them as they do what they're doing.

Jet and I sat through the service together, offered encouragement to Tonya, who was doing a bunch of the service, and then took Orion home with us to play with Jet. The two boys ate lunch together and decided to do different things. So I set them both up and then Jet helped out by playing with Orion for a good long time, before he had to go home.

Jet and I then bought groceries, including some milk as we were out, and then we played and went to Noodles and Company and had dinner together. He was marvelously mannered, and ordered his own food and ate it all. We went home and played some Incredibles and finished his game. *grin* We were both very happy. We also built a field goal kicker out of the Klutz Lego Contraptions kit.

I remembered to take out the trash, and bring in the newspaper. Oops. Hm. I better get the mail, too. With John gone, it's easy for me to realize what it is that I leave to him by habit. *grin*

Today was donuts for breakfast, then lots more field goals and solidifying the kicker. We watched a chunk of Shaun the Sheep and watered the garden and then I took him to school in the car as it was sprinkling out. I then went to try and find Hairy Sprinkles/Pork Soong, and had no luck at the local Asian market. I didn't have any desire to go all the way into Boulder, so I just went to the library, instead. They had Thief Lord by Funke in for me, so I borrowed it and a few other books as well, including a copy of Olivia, just 'cause I thought it was funny. Jet agrees with me.

Then I went home and repotted a bunch of huge tomato plants that had grown too big in the 50 cell starter. Only ONE sweet pepper plant had come up and I was grumpy about that. But the plants that had come up were so big I had to do something, so I just pushed up all of them and transplanted the tomatoes. Nearly half their root systems were under the felt already so they lost all that when I moved them, poor things, but the stems were all budding root systems already, so I just buried them all deep in the big, 6" pots I have instead of just 4 or even 3 inch pots. They should do okay, eventually. But, the poor things aren't going to do quite as well as their earlier cousins.

I'll have to try more on the sweet peppers when the second generation tomatoes come out of the 12 cell starters.

When I was transplanting, two sets of messages about trying to pick up Tanner were on the machine, so I called and said I could, but a different mother at the stop said that she'd been charged with taking him home. Tanner was quite happy to go to the other house, and Jet wanted to go home, so the two of us went home. We played more field goal stuff, and then I called Sakura for a Dragon Roll. We picked that up and then got Jet his four nugget Happy Meal, and we had an excellent dinner. He helped me with carding some wool, and I helped him as a "goal tender" to keep the field goal uprights healthy and toss him back the paper football. He liked that.

He's now in his bath and we'll be reading Olivia again, soon.

John gave me great good news that the site manager at the OUR Center is doing all the weeding, turning, and watering he promised that he'd do. I don't feel *quite* so heavily loaded by the garden anymore, and that's a very good thing. I'm glad to just take the lead on it and get the planning done, but share the load on the ground work to be done on that thing. Here's a quick and dirty merge of two pictures showing most of the extent of the thing:
OUR Center Garden

A quiet day. The rain has been on and off with sunshine coming all the way through. I wish it would get good and gray and really rain, but I know it probably won't happen. Jet keeps grumping about the rain. Humph. Colorado boy. *grin*

I maybe just tired, but I'm just feeling on the edge of a good funk and a mild depression. We'll see how it plays out. Keeping busy is the best way I know to just not let it get to me.
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