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I Am Amazed...

... by single parents. I have absolutely no idea how they maintain this kind of thing. I'm exhausted after just two real days of just doing this myself. My.

Jet's been great, too. Very patient, and he helps when I ask. Today was extra busy, but he really helped out in important ways. Since we got a late start on the morning, he was very helpful in getting all his decisions in on lunch and breakfast right away. We didn't do any TV things or anything other than just concentrate on eating, dressing, and getting things ready for school.

Another was that it was raining a driving, windy rain today, and he decided to take the bus anyway. We walked out there, and he hid behind me in my trenchcoat on the leeward side of me until the bus came. Then he got on and sat there while the bus stayed there until the appointed time for it to depart. He made it just fine to school.

Since he took the bus he gave me enough time to get to school before it started. I was one of the two volunteers in the classroom for today, and I did the art table and mostly got a lot of the kids caught up on work they hadn't done in the last week or two. So it was a huge variety of things they had to do and mostly the kids who weren't very focused on doing their work that had to do it. So it was kind of hard in two senses. Jet, though, was happy to see me there, and smiled at me. It was good to see him, too.

When I was done, I just craved teriyaki chicken. GOOD teriyaki chicken, so I braved the driving rain and went to King Soopers and bought some chicken thighs, went home and made Cooking Illustrated's really good teriyaki chicken (just broil boneless, skin-on thighs with salt and pepper, then douse with teriyaki sauce) and ate it with the leftover short grain rice in the fridge. *happy sigh*

I finished my second Okami game. With the special beads, the Ark took nearly no time at all. Taking down the very, very last "Dark Lord" took one good shot at it. Yeesh. Now I want to see what's up on the Celestial Plane, I don't really want to do it all again. But it's so pretty!

Then, at 3, I went out to pick the boys up at 3:30. I figured the half an hour would be useful in finding a parking spot so that I could go in and get the guys, as I wasn't quite sure when Tanner would show up. It worked out well. I got one of the last two spots, and was able to just read my book until it was 3:25. Then I went over to the waiting area, and it wasn't until 3:30 that other parents showed up and we all stood out in the rain until the bell rang. Then the other parents stayed out in the rain, while I stepped into the warmth to just warm up a bit and see if I could find Jet. I did. Then Mrs. Bauer said that some man had said that HE was coming to pick Jet up after school and I blinked until I asked, "Was he kind of short, with curly brown hair?" Oh. Peter. It was... and I got all confused...

But then Tanner showed up and all was right in the world, as I'm sure Peter would have found him if he was actually picking the boys up. I got Tanner and Jet to the car, and we sat there for a while as the traffic gradually cleared out of the parking lot. I don't think Tanner would have gotten his rollercoaster home, as it was a HUGE contraption of construction paper, glue, and strips of paper all over it, and it would have sogged in the rain pretty badly. As it was, it was safe in the car and I drove right into the garage. Then the boys took over the house and had a blast together. They really do play together really well. Tanner also dove into a snack of strawberries and the powder and nearly got Jet to buy in, too, but at the last instant, Jet changed to canned oranges and the powder. So they both snacked pretty well.

At 6:30, Tanner had to go home and Jet and I dropped him off. Then we had a noodle dinner, with Jet eating his dry ramen, and I ate frozen ramen (with bok choy, my homemade char shu, green onions, and pickled long white turnip). We watched Shaun the Sheep and then it was bedtime.

I'm just catching up on computer things. *sigh*

I need to do more painting, and with the rain I shouldn't have to do anything at the OUR center this week. I'll likely spend Thursday with my paints. It'll be good. Playing Okami always makes me want to get the brushes out again. *grin* Maybe that's a good reason to do it.
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