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It Has Taken Me A While...

... but I finally realize that there are those of us who believe that The Speed Limit is the fastest one should go and there are those of us who believe that the speed limit is the *minimum* one should start at and then think about just how much faster one should really be going in order to stay out of other people's way and still not trip any alarms on the radar gun aimed in my general direction.

I am, if you hadn't already guessed, of the latter sort. Having learned how to drive in LA, I was doomed from the start.

When we move from the plain states I am going to dearly miss the freeways with 75 mph (120 km/h) speed limits where the mean traffic speed is around 80 and there are enough folks going 90 (145 km/h) to be good state patrol bait for when I do want to make a real run for it...
Tags: roadtrip

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