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Stupid Brain

My stupid brain is running around like a hamster in a wheel.

Mostly negative shit.

I did find that my old dentist in Bellevue may well still be there. I may have to go to him to get my bridge taken out, fixed, adjusted, cleaned, and replaced or something. I am not happy with how the dentist here did things. I may as well get a new toothguard at the same time, too. I love the one he gave me eight years ago.

So I have some hope.

The garden grows.

The kid matures. Jet amazes me each day. His patience and growing understanding humble and bring me joy every day.

I'm so damned glad I married John. He's trying to cut my negative feedback loop whenever I ask him for help, and he's helping.

He also helped me put up a bamboo pea trellis. I hope the rabbits and birds STOP EATING my young plants! The local growing place recommended putting down blood meal (not a vegan product, but entirely organic) all around the border of the raised garden to keep the rabbits out. It'll help with the nitrogen in the garden, too. Whoo.

---- political tag warning warning -----

I need something to occupy my too fast brain before I burn it out on what's wrong with the world. John has lots of pictures from Biloxi and NOLA and... wow... it's still so broken. I hate the guilt trip tactics of Planned Parenthood because it reminds me, way too much, of the same kinds of guilt tactics of the Other Side. I'll give PP money, but I asked them to take me off every call and mailing list they have. Sure, the Supreme Court is doing scary bad stuff, but I KNEW it was going to happen when all those other freakin' people elected BUSH for God's sake and I VOTED the other way, but damnit you're not going to guilt trip me into thinking I'm responsible for the damned SC ruling...

----- political tag end ------

On the odd religious note... I found out the other day that Presidential Hopeful Barack Obama is a member of a United Church of Christ church, the same as me. The same left wing, every one is responsible for their own relationship with God, no authorities in structure or practice, every congregation decides for themselves how they want to go about things, everyone who wants to be a part of it can be part of the synod, and Biblically informed denomination that I'm a part of. I'm not sure if I'm freaked out or relieved or if it's just that hope is more painful than despair?
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