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Busy Bees

Are all over the OUR center garden this morning. The manager is allergic to their stings, so I may well do the harvesting from now on.

Two volunteer stepped up today to work in the garden! I'm very happy, but I have to see how much they actually follow through on their promises, one guy said he'd be in four days a week for six hours a day! I'll hope! And the garden would benefit from far more attention. Sadly, I have to *go* to the garden to meet both of them to work out what they can work on for a while both tomorrow and Thursday, so it's a big chunk of my time when we usually do some adventures and things.

I had my massage at lunch time, and Bonnie did a number on me, then put hot packs on and when they finally came of she said, "Oh! That's *much* better."

She was right.

Happy sigh.

It was also 40 cent wing Tuesday at Buffalo Wild Wings, so I indulged. The Honey BBQ had just a tiny kick. The Asian Zing sauce left me sniffling and crying. Yeesh. I'm such a happy wimp. *grin*

The newest transplants got burnt today. I left them out in the full sun just a bit too long, as they had only had the clouded sun for so long. I'm going to have to watch them more closely. The old ones did just fine out on the old porch. So they're staying out the night, and I'm worried a bit, but I think they'll do okay. Yet another step towards independence.

I got Jet from the bus stop and we walked home, hand in hand. I have to admit I love it when he slips his tiny hand into mine, and we just walk home together like that while he tells me about his day.

There was a very odd article in the local paper about corporeal punishment on kids, and that a kids magazine had done a survey that showed that 94% of all parents had spanked their three or four-year-old in the last year. I was aghast. There was even a lady who said, "My kids wouldn't respect me if I just talked to them or used time outs." Which, in my brain led to, "okay... what kind of *respect* is that?!?!" The other part of my brain was like, "okay... what three-year-old really understands why their parent is hitting them and doesn't just connect it to 'do anything to stop them from hitting me?'"

I am glad that Jet respects me for what we share together, and that we can talk about stuff and he thinks it over and decides what he decides. I'm lucky, I guess, in that he pretty much shares my sense of what's dangerous and what's not, and I don't have to HIT him as a 'logical consequence' of putting himself in danger (which was another example that that lady gave of when she should spank her kids). My being scared seems to be enough for him to understand that it was something he really should choose not to do. Maybe I'm just strange, but I'm kind of proud of the fact that we've never spanked Jet but he's very polite and thoughtful of others.

The article did point out that child psychologists and pediatricians have linked being spanked to being more prone to using violence to 'solve' problems as they haven't been taught other techniques.

John brought home our tie-dyed shirts and I was very, very pleased with mine. It's a spiral that's mainly yellow blending to green then to turquoise and edged with just a bit of super dark purple. I'll have to take a picture sometime.

Dinner was a potluck at the church, part of the "Justice, Peace, and Whole Earth Ministry" group. A bunch of folks just felt called to address the WHOLE THING. Wah. Now that's faith. There is no Peace with out Justice, and no Justice without considering the welfare of the whole earth. They had a presentation tonight on solar energy and it included an estimate on how much it would be to put solar photo-voltaic panels on the roof of the church to offset some of our energy usage.

Of course, after our friends Ken and Gab had show us their 20kw array, we'd been thinking about it for quite a while, but when we thought we were moving it didn't really seem to make sense to invest that much money into something we'd just leave behind. But the guy showed us that the accumulated savings in what it costs to live in the house could actually be folded into a selling price! Woo. Plus, John just signed up for a two year, at least, stint with the church, and I signed up for a multi year stint as well, and... well, it looks like we're staying for a bit, given the housing prices in the NW, and how many roots we've put down here. *sigh*

Sorry to break it to people this way, but... it is likely that we'll be investing in a PV array sooner rather than later as we had something of a windfall in the last month or so that could cover what we need.

Plus, the guy presenting was the brother of a friend of mine here, so that was cool, too. Though from the way he talks about his very much growing company, it might be a cool place to work as a EE. It would definitely be more fulfilling in the sense of being directly connected to propagating some start to part of the solution to the whole energy problem. Be on the edge that does some of the experimentation and real world testing of the new technologies that are sure to come, still. Present PV cells are really expensive and take materials that aren't in nearly enough supply to really take on the whole energy load, but it's a start and there's more interesting stuff to come. There was a great engineering article in the last Caltech engineering missive about the problems with the present day technology with regard to renewable energy; but folks that are aware of the problems are trying to figure out solutions.

That's very cool.
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