Liralen Li (liralen) wrote,
Liralen Li

OUR Center Days

Spent all of yesterday morning putting 40+ tomato plants into the OUR center garden. I'm not sure they'll need *that* many, but then again they might. At least they all fit. The peas are going to be interesting as they're starting to get tall enough to need supporting.

The strawberries are coming on, and I found some good, big radishes with their round heads above ground this morning, now Kay wants them in the salad tomorrow. I'll figure out digging them when I can. John worked in the kitchen, some, on Wednesday, too.

I also got to talk with the ladies at knitting Wednesday night, and that was good too. I guess even I need community. It was a lot of fun to just talk about things I don't normally talk about with church folks. *grin*

Today, John and I spent the whole morning and early afternoon at the OUR center, cooking, serving, feeding, and then cleaning. I'm exhausted. It's good to see the faces of the folks I'm feeding, though, with the garden. That made me happier than I've been for a while. Still, it was a 10-2:30 gig and I had barely an hour to myself before Jet came home and we built his Lego pods to make sure the pieces were in the right place.

Since then I've made chicken curry from left over chicken from the night before last, and we're about to eat! Yay! Curry!

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