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Pirates of the Caribbean: At World's End

Oh My God. Chow Yun Fat makes an absolutely *fabulous* Chinese pirate. His Captain Sao Feng was the jewel of this movie, for me. I think he perfectly hits a scarred/powerful mixture of poet and monster that just made my heart go pit-a-pat.

Keith Richards made an amazing pirate, too, but in an entirely different way. *laughter*

It wasn't as tight as the first movie. I think what I loved in the very first movie was the whole feeling of dominoes all falling into place, each placed by the inebriated fingertips of Captain Jack Sparrow. Both the second movie and this lost that feeling, this one most completely. The intricacies of cause and effect felt completely blown to smithereens in this one.

Still, the various wildly twisting plots are mostly tied up in a very messy, oddly beautiful knot with just the right ends hanging at the end. It was still pretty good. Like the second there were a few too many effects, but boy-howdie were some of them spectacular. The splinters were just astonishing, and you'll see why I say that near the end.

There is an Easter egg for the romantics, so stay through the credits.

And, oh, yeah, I WANT that Chinese pirate queen outfit Keira was wearing during the parley.

(There are spoilers in the comments, so know that before you click.)
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