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Busy Memorial Day Weekend

Had 42 people over for an impromptu party yesterday. Just invited lots of people with small kids and people that like small kids, and there we were with kids swarming all over the house and yard, plenty of food as everyone brought something, and the deck completely filled with people. It was good, quick, and mostly easy.

It's good to have practice preparing food for that many and even better having a neighbor bring the hamburgers, hot dogs, and buns. We had plenty of leftover chicken and a couple of pounds of the short ribs that everyone really enjoyed. Folks all brought salads, desserts, and side dishes, and it worked out great.

Today we got to see the new Pirates movie, while Jet played with the neighbor's kids. He was quite happy to not see it.

Saturday was pretty quiet, so I actually got to start my Phoenix sweater, though only six rows into it it's kind of skinny. Of course knitting a whole sweater on just US 2's is a bit insane. I'm also spinning another roving I've dubbed 'black rainbow' as it has all the colors in the rainbow but so saturated and dark that it just looks dark with flashes of some of the colors, sometimes. But in the sunlight, the colors glow amid the darkness. I'm likely to do another clapotis with it.

John got all the drip and watering systems into the garden. I've got everything into the garden that I want there, which is cool. The zucchini are now coming up like gang busters. The tomatoes are pretty content, even the hanging ones. There's thunderstorms hanging over our heads with huge sheets of virga hanging from them. I'm hoping the atmosphere saturates soon and we actually get some rain. I'd like that.

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