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Poor Joan. She called this morning to report that she had really, really bad stomach flu.

Jet had an awful night last night. Perhaps his fever broke from the shots, or something, but he slept so much yesterday, and so he woke up at 2 am and was chipper and hale and very, very happy. I nursed him and he was just wide-eyed. So I tried to sleep with him on the couch, and he lay there for a while, but then decided that that was enough, and he ended up standing on my stomach, with his hands holding onto the back of the couch and he started jumping up and down and laughing...

I had to laugh. He was in such a good mood that when I cleaned out his nose, he just peered at me peacefully with a "Okay, I can take this and then I'll be able to breath." sort of attitude. So I stayed up with him for two hours. We'd both gotten Jet back to sleep twice before midnight, and John had stayed up with him from midnight to 1, or, more accurately, slept in the rocking chair with him... and at four I had to give up and hand Jet off to John, and they slept in the rocking chair again until about 5 and then Jet slept for two hours on his own.

So I sounded really asleep when Joan called, so she was not only apologizing for being sick but for waking me up as well. Poor Joan. I reassured her, planned our attack of the day with John and he has Jet right now at home for his staff meeting, then at lunch time we're going to meet at Hunan Garden and we'll hand off the baby like old times, and then I'll take him home for two hours of meetings and then I'll take him back to work with me to have dinner with John in Boulder.

It'll be fun.

Joan and I moved our water aerobics to tomorrow night, she says it's just an eight hour flu, and we'll hope I don't come down with it, too. *grin*

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