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Graduation from Kindergarten

I know, I know... it's a running joke, the thing about Kindergarten graduations... but...

It was kind of cool, too. Especially as an introduction to being in school. There isn't a graduation for every grade, just K and 5 at Eagle Crest, as the 5th graders are going into middle school, so it's a step into the unknown for them, too as to which school and all that.

But the little kindergarteners are so cute and so serious and still such kids. It was fun, with all the laughing parents who were mildly embarrassed to be there, but it was amazing to see how much the kids have learned in the last year. Mrs. Bauer also gave all the kids pictures of themselves through the year, from the first day of class through to the last. She had each of them pose in a cap and gown for a picture in the envelopes, which was a good thing. As fast as the kids were moving through the 'graduation line' pretty much NONE of the parents got a good shot of their kid doing the handshake thing. John got a few good ones of Jet smiling afterwards.

Then everyone went home to get lunch and we all met out on the playing fields for lunch together. It was a fun way to say good-bye to Mrs. Bauer and the other parents. It's likely we'll get to see most of them again. So that's pretty neat.

I liked a lot of the kids. And I'm not a kid person, really. But it'll be interesting to see how they grow up, at least as much as I can see...
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