Liralen Li (liralen) wrote,
Liralen Li

Good Food and Good Friends

niherlas and crimini and their son, N., were wonderful hosts last night.

This, after I'd been running around all day between two dentist appointments, going with John to find a deep cycle battery for the powered cooler in the van, and finishing the second Alera book in Jim Butcher's fantasy series (which I *like* but but but when the back of the book blurb compares it to Tolkien I have to cringe but but but he credits AmberMUSH and Too!!). So I was ready for a quiet evening and for sushi.


niherlas suggested Todai in the Redmond Town Center. And it was an excellent suggestion, it's a huge Asian style buffet with everything from several dozen types of sushi to fresh ramen with soup (Jet ate *two* packages of ramen as well as his usual fruit and a few exotic desserts which he enjoyed greatly). There were more kinds of seafood than I could count, and it was absolutely fantastic. Best of all it was crowded, so the turn over was great, and everything was good, hot, and fresh. It was kind of spendy, too, but well worth the price given how much we all ate. *laughter*

I had two full plates (one of just sushi, one of the hot items) and then a third "trendy" plate with just one piece of salmon nigiri, some of the cumcumber/seaweed salad, and a few little bitty fish. Happy me. Then I cheerfully indulged in six different one-bite desserts. I *love* tiny desserts and the creme brule was only a quarter inch thin in a two inch round ramkin with that lovely sugar crust on top. The "green tea cheesecake" was, indeed, green tea flavored cheesecake over a roll of sweetened red bean paste.

After dinner we did the best thing and went back to their house and talked and played Nintendo with the kids and George. It was so nice and comfortable and fun.

Thank you!! :-)
Tags: food, roadtrip

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