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Quiet Comeback

After a night on ibuprofen, my mouth is back to at least a semblance of normality, though chewing is still something of a chore.

That, plus the fact that we had nearly a quart of ice cream mix from last Friday prompted me to go to Target. I'd been thinking of the Krups Le Glacier, but it's been discontinued, and John did a little research and found out that there was a Hamilton Beach machine that looked compact and solid enough to be useful for ice cream. It has an electric motor on it, so Jet could just turn it on and watch it work, so I decided to go and get it for myself, since I was feeling badly. Yeah, so I do shopping therapy, too.

I got it. Jet made ice cream the next day and he was so happy to watch it churn and freeze solid and then get Puffy! The thing beat enough air into it to double the volume, easily. And John thinks and I agree, that the barrel hadn't gotten cold enough, as it didn't freeze hard enough to stop the motor. So we had very, very airy ice cream.

The local dairy (no hormones, no antibiotics unless the animal is actually sick, and they say the milk was collected within 24 hours of delivery and it's been so fresh it lasts forever in those reused and reused glass bottles) will now deliver pints of half and half!! I think we're going to have quite a bit more ice cream this summer. *grin*

Oddly enough, even with my aches and pains and stuff, I am actually happy today. The temporary crown seems to be working okay. The *gums* are sore back there, but then that's where the dentist put a BIG HOLE with his novecain needle, so I'm not that surprised. The temp crown is working okay with careful chewing, but I'm trying, mostly, to stay off it until the gum is back up to snuff. But I've done what I can. And there isn't anything left to really worry about. So I'm good, on the most part, and, just maybe, the pain was a good recalibrater of what's now "good".

I finished spinning 8 ounces of wool in something close to fingering weight. But it might be a bit too fine, all in all, sigh, but so it is. I may just have to double it back on itself to get a good sock weight, but I should try it before deciding. I still hate being *too* fine for sock yarn, but maybe I should just to a lace leg and upper with it and just do a double strand across the bottom of the foot each time? I'll have to think about it. Lots of work that last.

I also finished the dark rainbow yarn. I need to take pictures.

I'm also into the third color of yarn on the phoenix, still six more to go, but I'm actually doing the feet of the bird! Soon the wing tips! Woohoo! I bought more red from Shuttles, Spindles, and Skeins, and the needles that didn't work out I returned and bought some really expensive Mountain Colors sock yarn. I really wanted to do socks, somehow, and my sock needles are in Seattle. It's all on the packing table, so that's to the good.

Jet and I found the first two Avatar DVDs that I'd bought a long time ago. We watched them and Jet now wants to see a lot more. "Not as bloody as Rave Master," was the first thing he said about it, but then followed up,"I *love* the Avatar." So I'll follow this more closely for him, and I know that RightStuf has sales on the DVDs once in a while. I'm just afraid that I can only get ALL the Season 1 DVDs and can't just pick up the ones I need... I'll have to look more.
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