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Jumping into 80 degree water when it's 106° F outside feels shockingly cold.

Then it just feels good. I'm SO glad there's a neighborhood pool.

Went swimming today with the boys and they played squirt guns while I did a few slow laps. It's hard to swim slowly, let my momentum carry me after a stroke rather than fighting the water the whole way across. I get further am less exhausted when I can let my glide happen. I have enough buoyancy now that I can do it. It's rather nice.

Quiet day building a Lego car with Jet, one of the huge Creator sets that can do either a spider space alien ship, a helicoptor, or a race car that reverses directions when it hits something on a bumper. I helped Dean get to his car in the afternoon. Tomorrow he's getting up at 5 to get us to the Boulder bus station that will get us on the 5:30 a.m. bus to the airport. It seemed the least I could do for him. :-)

We've been washing and packing a few things, as most of our things are already there. I asked Jet to think about the long plane ride and what he wanted to do. He hasn't really thought of much, yet, so I may well have to do the crayon and paper and paper airplane book, again, it worked well enough last time. Low key and easy. Yay!
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