Liralen Li (liralen) wrote,
Liralen Li

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My head hurts...

... mildly.

Just tired from a couple of nights of Jet having difficulties sleeping at night.

My gut thing might have been something I ate, not The Flu, thank goodness. I still feel kind of trashed, but the lack of sleep would actually explain that quite nicely. Though there have still be runs to the bathroom.

Jet's asleep now.

John came home to help me out with Jet, but with a couple of his meetings where he had to not only pay attention but Jet couldn't make noise during the times when John wanted to listen actually made things *harder* for me. I mean, normally, Jet can at least play and make all the noise he wants while I'm working. John finally cancelled on his meetings and it's easier again, and John even took it on himself to get Jet to finally go down for a nap, since one of his meetings made it so that Jet decided that listening and watching Dad was far more interesting than going to sleep.

So it's easier, again. But I'm soooo tired and so without brain and I hate it when the juggling of seven different projects means that I spend more time juggling than actually *doing* anything.

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