Liralen Li (liralen) wrote,
Liralen Li

Dang a Late Dawn

I hate seeing the dawn.

I especially hate seeing the dawn more than an hour after I've been awake.

we got up at 4:15 a.m. John and I did, at least. Jet got up at 4:30 a.m., a very tired little guy. John checked off the list of Things To Do Before We Leave, and we got everything into Dean's car. Dean was an angel and actually came over earlier than we'd asked him to, and we got everything into his car, and we headed down a bit before 5.

We were trying to get the 5:30 a.m. AB AirRide route bus, and we arrived in plenty of time. I still remembered the shivering children in the snow from the last time I waited for a bus at TableMesa, and eventhough it had been 100°: and more the previous day I'd packed a jacket for Jet in our luggage before we'd left. I felt nuts for doing it, but I was glad when Jet started shivering in the 55° cold morning air. I could wrap a jacket around him and let him run around after John and he was much happier.

The sky lightened while we waited, but it wasn't until we were on the bus and headed East that we actually saw the sun rise. And then it was in John and Jet's eyes, as they were in the front row of the bus on that side. I was behind the driver, so I had a huge reader board in front of me and it blocked the sun. I slept there for most of the trip. Jet, while hiding his eyes from the sun, went to sleep as well, which was a good thing.

We got there at 6:30 a.m. as a couple of the morning busses are express busses, with fewer stops so they get to the airport from Boulder in just about an hour. That's pretty good. Nearly as fast as it takes us to get there from home. It was a good thing, too, while check-in was fast, the security areas were completely swamped. Both sides were completely filled with people, and the checking of IDs was the bottleneck. Bah.

With seven lines of X-ray machines, they weren't what was holding things up and it took nearly an hour to get us through. So we were through at about 7:30 and our flight was at 8. We did get a McDonald's breakfast, and we ate it on the tables rather than taking them on the flight. I'm still not sure that was the best idea but it wasn't bad as we were fed when we got on the plane. So I was able to nap the whole time from sitting down to the time the drink cart came around the first time. Jet didn't sleep, neither did John.

That was, mildly, the story of the day.

The flight was uneventful. I knitted, Jet sang to himself, he colored a bit, he built and flew planes, and he drank happily when the drinks cart went by. He really liked ginger ale. I had some cranberry juice and coffee. We all really liked the banana-oat cookies. They were nearly like breakfast.

Seatac was fun. The luggage took a while, but when it came, it all came at once. So we had both Jet's chair and George's bag in fairly quick order. We called Isabel and George on the celphone when we were done and they just came. They got us home, and we had some lunch. Eating still makes my teeth ache, badly, sigh, but, at least, they don't really hurt other than that, especially when I take a painkiller once they get started.

I took a nap. So I slept while the boys didn't. Then Jet came in and jumped on me when it was time to go get the Germans at the airport.

We didn't really have to go get them. They were coming and getting rental cars and Bernd knew how to get to the house, but John thought it would be fun, and we all agreed, so we all got into Goerge and Isabel's car and headed over to SeaTac for the second time today. Jet napped on the way over, which was really good before he started having to chase the other kids. We entered the short term parking, and headed to the international baggage claims. After standing around for a good half an hour, we saw them! There was Bernd, his sister Ellen. Ellen's husband, Christof, and their four children: Katarina, Hannah, Simon, and Daniel. Daniel, their youngest, is the same age as Jet, but, like Mikala, he is a good head taller than Jet. He's actually younger than Jet by a few months, and it's sometimes visible in some behaviors. But other than that Jet's had to work really hard to keep up with the other children.

They all speak German, and some of the kids speak a little English, but it's harder than their mother language. So Jet has had to figure out what to do with people that don't speak his language, and that's been a little tough for him.

They're all great people and the kids have tried, very hard, to include Jet as much as possible for siblings to include an outsider. They've had some interesting questions for him, too. They asked him if he wanted brothers and sisters and he said that he didn't really know... John asked one of them if it was always good having siblings and they thought about it and said, "Oh... no, not always..."

We went to the rental car place, met up with them, and gave them George and Isabel to ride in their cars with them to get them home. Hannah and her mother rode with us, and we all made it back to the house, no problem. The kids got to run around like mad, as Isabel put together an amazing meal of two kinds of salad, lots of bread, and plenty of drinks for everyone.

It was all good. All the introductions worked out really well, and Jet had a blast with the other kids. We haven't had to entertain him at all. :-)

But it's all tweaking my chaos nerves, I think. Just too many people to adjust so much to. I'm tired and my teeth ache. I think I'm clenching them a bit, which is really unfortunate with the new crown. I must be doing it when I sleep, too. Ah well. I'm still taking some painkillers and I hope that it's not because there's *other* damage a well. I'll just pray that it's just the trauma from the crown and that it *will* go away eventually. But, yeesh, my tooth still hurts... *sigh*.
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