Liralen Li (liralen) wrote,
Liralen Li

Quiet Day

The Germain contingent left after breakfast to go south to Mt. Rainier and other places. Jet spent every moment he could playing with the other boys, which he loved, and then they went...

Jet really missed them. The void of not having a bunch of playmates wasn't easily filled by two grandparents and two parents. He spent some time moping and whining about being bored. But we finally filled it with picking raspberries and sugar snap peas from the garden, and then going out to find lunch at the Bellevue Square and Lincoln Square and then going to see Evan Almighty in a beautifully appointed theater out there.

Afterwards, Jet was much more cheerful and we went home and played with his Lego Creator 9-in-1 motorcycle set, and it was good. Dinner was a beautiful Creole Shrimp recipe on brown rice, with a nice salad from the garden and then it was time for John to show his slides from Biloxi to his folks.

I got a lot further on my sweater, which was nice.

Amazing that with all that sitting around the house, I still got 10,331 steps in today. :-)
Tags: roadtrip

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