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The drive home was quick and easy on Wednesday. Just four hours on the interstate, not terribly exciting, but very fast.

We had dinner with our former boss, Charles, that evening. We were a bit fried, but it was nice to be able to go out and eat instead of having to worry about cooking.

Yesterday was Jet's Play Day with just about every kid in the neighborhood. He had time with Chris, Mikayla, Macy, and Tanner at one point or another. We managed to go see Transformers in the afternoon, between things, and Jet rather enjoyed it. The previews for PG-13 movies are very, very different than for G or PG. *sigh* I'll admit that the fuzzy, funny, and just plain stupid Decepticons I remembered from my childhood are no more. The effects are pretty cool, and I actually really liked a lot of the characters. But the plot was kind of full of holes, and there was the kinds of finality you see in movies but not in TV series. So it was different than I'd been expecting. But some of the Autobots were the personalities I remembered, and it was fun.

Today was Ratatouille, which far exceeded my expectations, even with the number of trailers running about. I loved it. I especially loved one point where when I saw what was happening, I gasped in protest of "food ruined!" and then Remy did exactly the same thing. It's sweet and funny and I think more adult than anything else they've done. More to appeal at the adult level than at the child level, though Jet loved it anyway. Plenty of physical humor for him. And I had to cook zucchini from my garden with peppers, tomatoes, and onions (and left out the eggplant as I didn't have any) until they caramelized just so for my dinner just because. *grin*

It was good. Even with a Stouffer's Salisbury Steak and mac and cheese. *grin*

The boys rode their bikes to the Rhythm on the River, which is a big music party here, and they ate from what the vendors brought. I just needed some time with no one, and it was good.

Between the morning movie ($5 a person!) and the dinner, we did some Costco shopping and Jet and I then went to Target to peer at Lego as the summer catalog just came out. He wants nearly $500 worth of things, but that, of course, includes the Mindstorms kit that it probably can't property play with yet, the Trade Federation MTT, and a few things that are pretty out of reach. But he also wanted a few things in reach, including a subscription to BrickMasters, even after I explained to him that the six "free" kits came once every two months. He seems to understand delayed gratification pretty well, now. The cool thing is that while we looked through three different toy stores and sections of Target, Jet bought *nothing*, even with twenty dollars burning a hole in his pocket from what he'd earned picking raspberries and allowances and doing other work around the house.

He's waiting until he can get what he really wants. Woo.

For some reason the jaw is on fire again. Two ibuprofen took care of most of it, but it was pretty hard to have it get worse for a bit. *sigh*
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