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Hot Day

The trial experience was okay. Odd, while wearing a shirt saying "I'm Blogging This" to have at least three people ask if I was a reporter. I suppose all one needs to be mistaken for a reporter is a Moleskine Reporter's Notebook and use it during a trial where everyone else seems very, very still.

I enjoyed hearing both opening statements. I got a good feeling for both sides of what was going on, but when it got into all the intense detailing of what went on, it got distressing.

So I left at the first recess. There were a good thirty people supporting Julie in the room, so I didn't feel I'd miss anything. If I were a reporter I'd be there for the opening and the decision, that's about it anyway.

I'd ridden there with Bonnie, my massage therapist and friend from church, and a few other members of the Peace, Justice and Whole Earth Committee were there. Those that could and weren't working. It was good to see folks.

But at the recess, I first moved a bench so that the incoming flood of people could actually sit down, and then I called John to ask him to pick me up. I also wrote down the exact spelling of all the names, and got asked, again, if I was a reporter. I answered, "No. I don't get paid for writing this stuff." *laughter*

Then the boys came and whisked me away in the Passat, and we went to McGuckin's.

McGuckin's is a Boulder stronghold. It's local, fiercely so. It's mostly high priced being a one-of-a-kind kind of store, it stocks all kinds of things that are just not found elsewhere, but eminently practical here. Like things to hang laundry up on. Three kinds of trees, four kinds of retractable lines, some with multiple lines, and five or six different drying racks and setups for indoor drying. This after looking at Target, Home Depot, and Sears and finding Nothing, Nada, and Zilch. They stock thousands of lights, thousands of bolts, nuts, and fasteners, thousands of art supplies, and all you can think of in terms of seed, organic gardening supplies, and tools. Lots and lots of tools. We were there for a laundry drying thingy. We ended up with one of the mid-sized trees that can be taken up or folded up and put away when we don't need it. Best thing of all the staff of the tree fits in the old umbrella base we had for a table umbrella that blew away in one of the infamous Front Range wind storms, so we can put it just about anywhere! Yay!

We also got a plastic bucket for compost to replace the crumbling ceramic one we have at the moment. We're using it a bit too hard, I guess. So better to get a more durable one that can hold our summer volume. Given John's new compost bins, we should be able to use the full capacity, easily.

It was funny wearing the "I'm Blogging This" t-shirt there, as this is the kind of thing I usually blog about and no one there really noticed it from what I could tell.

From there we went home, had some lunch, got Jet into his swimsuit and sneakers and sunscreen, and we took him to Super Soaker Camp. He was very, very excited about it all.

Then we stopped at King Soopers for some bleach for John's brewing system. And we got home and I was so tired, I fell into bed and took a nap.

I hadn't slept well last night, mostly wondering if I should even go to the trial and imagining all kinds of reactions to the shirt, none of which happened. Plus I hadn't been sleeping that well the last few nights. And I'd woken up with really red eyes and some gloop all over them, and I was afraid of pink eye again. But the last time this happened, it went away after a day, so it might be allergies or something. Plus, from just being tired, my jaw was aching, so I took a couple of Tylenol and just flopped into bed and set the alarm for an hour. I woke up woozy, slept another ten minutes, then got up and put together some enchiliadas for John to cook when he got home, and then got ready to see Bonnie. :-)

John loaded the bike and the come-a-long into the van, and we went to the Longmont Athletic Center, first. I got Jet signed out, dropped off John and the bikes and the boys headed home on the bikes.

Massage is good for me. I really think the pain is more from my jaw muscles tightening up than the tooth itself, as the tooth that's crowned doesn't actually hurt much, even when the pain gets bad. It's the jaw around it and under it. She did a great job on my neck, shoulders, and jaw, and I'm feeling much better even as the acetaminophen has worn off. Between the nap and the massage and dinner I'm feeling happy for a bit.

I got to write a bit while Jet went to play with Tanner for a bit. So I'm taking advantage of that.

Jet had a great time at camp. They played a lot, and swam for a good half hour in the outside pool. So he liked it a lot, though he said that he "nearly died" when one of the rafts they'd been swimming to flipped over and he was under all the other kids. He got out of it, though he breathed a little water. He seems just fine now, but seems to relish telling the story a lot more than telling about all the *other* swimming he did.
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