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Ugh, Hot

It's 100 on the thermometer in the sun. Ugh.

I was out in the OUR Center's garden for a long time. Ugh. I am drinking gallons of cold anything just to make myself hydrated enough to function.

It was good to get out there again. See everything all grown up and producing like mad. Nearly all of it I planted, too, so I'm very happy about that. The tomatoes are coming along, the peppers are flowering, the raspberries are going mad, the strawberries are still going. The peas are all out of the ground already, which is a good thing. The lettuce has been cut at least once and is nearly back again with all the sunshine and water and food Charles is giving it.

Charles was doing well, but finding it hard to get volunteers to work in this heat. I don't blame them.

I went to the garden after going to the dentist to get my permanent crown in. That... hurt. *sigh* But the tooth feels mildly less sensitive than before, and I think I'm going to be able to brush it. Plus, best yet the dentist said that it should take a long time for the ligaments and the jaw joint and all the tendons and things around it to feel normal again. Especially since I grind my teeth something fierce, it's going to stay a problem for a while and not to worry about it. Just take the painkillers that I need and get on with life.

So I have confirmation that what I was doing was the right thing. Plus, I stuck with the fitting long enough for it to finally feel *right*, which is a first. Usually, I've just bolted from the chair as I hate being there, and paid for it with pain afterward. This time I stuck it out until my bite felt *good* rather than "uhm... that isn't *bad*... uhm..." Hopefully it'll pay off. He said that it's fine to just call and get thing adjusted again, any time. So I'm glad of that.

Jet's off to his super soaker camp again, and he's having a blast with all the other kids and the running around and everything. Better than waiting for his other friends at home. We get some time, he gets some time with kids, and it's all good. MUCH better than the two weeks we were home and he was driving both John and I a little nuts by not just asking us to play with him but asking us how long until the other kids were home so he could play with them? He wanted kid-time. Entirely understandable, and he's getting enough of it, now that, in the evenings he's really happy to just be with us or in his house and playing with his toys. All to the good.

There's a lady at the church who is going to Peru to meet up with her daughter who is doing volunteer work over there. She asked me for extra knitting needles, and it was a real revelation for me to go to my knitting needle collection and realize that I haven't used ANY of my aluminum long needles for over a decade. So I gave her a whole bundle of them, along with some plastic ones, some double-pointed ones in both aluminum and plastic that I don't like at all. It was nice to de-clutter and get rid of those things I just don't use anymore. I said good-bye to the needles, took a picture of them, and wished that they would get good and used by people that needed them now.

Nice to have the ritual cleansing.

I'm reading Jim Butcher's Proven Guilty and it's obvious Butcher has gotten better with time and practice. Juggling dozens of relationships and histories from the previous books, it's even more fun than the previous books. It's still all mind-candy, but it's fun mind-candy. Mmmm... sweet. Plus, it was an excellent distraction from that moment when the dentist put room temperature cement into the real crown and put it on my exquisitely sensitive stub. Ow does not even cover it. He laughed and said, "Well, if you can even see straight after that, you might want to pick up your book."

I think all good dentist have to be mildly sadistic or else the amount of pain they actually cause would get to them, I think. And I have to say I consented to it as the alternative was probably worse. *sigh*
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