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Getting There

Three down, a few more to go...

The teeth are... weird still, but there isn't an obvious bite problem. They still ache in cold (i.e. biting refrigerated watermelon) and when I eat, sometimes a whole bunch of them start aching a bit, but I've actually gone a couple of days without painkillers, and even when I've had to use 'em it's been only once during that day. So I feel much better after the adjustment. I think my whole bite is still having to adjust a bit to what's happened, but I'd rather not have to grind, polish, or lose any more bits of my teeth. They'll adjust and ache a bit while doing it, but it's good to have a living mouth.

The eyedrops are clearing my eyes. They still ache and I still have to wear glasses while I'm using 'em, but they're clearly improving.

The periodic things are going away as they usually do.

My cold has gotten kind of worse as in it's hard to not cough at night. I dosed myself with just about everything last night (decongestant, cough suppressant, and Tylenol) and slept quite well, with just three bouts of coughing to clear air passages that woke me up, but I went back to sleep very quickly. For the first time in quite a while I dreamed. Still anxiety dreams on the most part, but I'm getting better, not well, yet.

I spent three hours at the OUR center garden yesterday, for all that. Seemed silly to just sit at home. And the gardening was soothing and helped me do something so that I don't feel completely useless. We pulled up swathes of mint that had taken over the herb garden. Both Charles and I helped support various tomato plants with bamboo. I planted more radishes. I pulled lots of weeds. I'll admit, at that garden, I seem to pull out far more plants than I put in. Sometimes that's depressing. Charles has a beautiful plan to completely take apart the garden as it is, rebuild it and put in fresh dirt. That would be wonderful.

The Longmont Dairy had delivered a little pint of pure whipping cream. Looking at it I realized it's NOT ultrapasturized, something that's nearly impossible to find in a grocery store. This stuff actually left clotted cream at the top of the bottle! Woo... I used a cup and a half of it in a recipe for a quart of vanilla ice cream. I cooked the custard Sunday night, and yesterday, after it had cooled in the fridge overnight, we poured it into the ice cream maker and Jet watched it very, very carefully, as it froze.

The freezer did MUCH better this time than the time I had only put it in our house freezer overnight. It's spent the last month in the chest freezer, so this time it froze good and fast. The ice cream formed up really well, and we turned it into another container to put in the freezer to cure until after dinner.

On Saturday, all the kids had gone to a church picnic at one of the new parks that have all kinds of things in it, including a water play area that squirts and pours in all kinds of ways, a climbing wall, a skateboard park, and all kinds of things. The climbing part of the climbing wall was in shade, so it was fine, but a bunch of the kids went over the top of the wall, which was in the sun. Mikayla, the next-door-neighbor girl, planted her hand in exactly the wrong place, but since she had her weight all on it, she couldn't move it, and she got second-degree burns. Aiee.

Mikayla had been with her mom and was coming home to her dad on Monday. Jet had made her a card on Sunday. I'd bought Dean beets from the local grocery stand. So we brought all that over along with the ice cream and some blueberries we'd bought at $10 for 10lbs. We'll never eat all 10 lbs ourselves, so I froze a bunch, but there's a lot more. Anyway, Dean had Mary and Cole over and Macy was there for the afternoon, so we had a little party with ice cream, cookies, and cinnamon sticks. *laughter*

Mikayla liked Jet's card, which was cool. And she seemed pretty happy with everyone there. I thought she was doing quite well, as she was cheerfully arguing with Macy over stuff, and enjoyed her ice cream and the treats.

The ice cream was really good. I think the lack of ultrapasturization kept the big fat blobs big. :-) So it felt much richer than even the recipe I'd made with all half and half. Woo. Yum. And the mouth feel was much better than the time we tried it with the not-cold-enough cylinder. So, good homemade ice cream without lots of cranking and without making so much that we had to have a party of thirty or more people to make it and have it be eaten. Much better. We managed to leave enough for John, as he was in a church meeting. And it was all gone.

I guess we'll have to make more. *grin*
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