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I'm mostly back together again.

My eyes are pretty much healed up. The asthma is only bothersome when I'm tired. My jaw still aches, but the teeth don't hurt as much. Chewing is still triggering aches, but not outright pain. I'd rather my bite just fixed itself than have more of my teeth ground away. I still have to go through the bothersome process of getting my contacts back into my eyes, but so it is.

My neck got stiff, though, as I bought the second Sharing Knife novel and swallowed it whole this afternoon. Jet was playing with Tanner and Macy. They played here for a while, tried to go swimming but it thundered on 'em, and then they all played at the other house for a while. John made dinner. I was glad. I'm getting better. I'm sleeping a lot. I guess the long trip took more out of me than I like to admit.

I also got 933,000,000+ studs in the Legos Star Wars II game (which is actually about the original series, odd as that might seem). The multipliers multiply each other... so 2x and 4x actually made 8x. Multiply by the 6x, 8x, and 10x and I had a 3840x for just one level where I got all the minikits and pow... I could buy anything. It was a bit like getting the necklace in Okami. Suddenly studs don't *matter* anymore when they'd mattered so much for so much of the game. Did it during the neighborhood pool party.

They served burritos and had live music, and I hadn't known it, but they had contests at the pool, and Jet went and did great in them! Woo. The boys told me about it after it all happened, and John noted that Jet beat most of the kids in the race, but Jet was probably the youngest one in the pool. Woo.

Jennifer, at church, brought me my KnitPicks order, and Jet now wants a caterpillars, three butterflies, and one cocoon for them all to live in. They're all finger puppets and cute as anything, and use scrap sock yarn, on the most part, of which I have an uncommon abundance. The only problem with the caterpillar was that it needed *fuzzy* yarn (KnitPick's "Butterfly kisses"), of which Jet had bought "Ruby Slippers" from a long time ago. So we made a "tomato caterpillar", which I convinced Jet was red. He'll get me for that later, I know, but he loves his little red caterpillar for the moment. We'll do multicolored butterflies in the morning. FAST knit, too. Whew.

I also have a magnet board that should work better than my old one as it can stand up and has good, solid magnets. Best of all I have the Knit Kilt Hose and Knickerbocker Stockings book from Schoolhouse Press. A dowager lady gathered up all the cuff patterns she could find for Scottish hose, instructions on how to do the body of the hose, some pretty cool stories, and one really daunting Argyle "dice" hose pattern that just leaves me in awe at the possibilities. She tells of a lady that did "dice" hose in the Stewart tartan, using 43 different balls of yarn to do them in. It took her a year to knit those hose. I believe it. Thank God the hunting tartan of the Maclaines of Lock Buie is fairly simple in comparison to the Stewart tartan. But, no... John's taken a liking to some fairly straightforward cabled hose, and I have the wool to do them in that'll likely last quite some time. A blend of wool and mohair that should wear pretty strongly.
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