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There is something profoundly gratifying about going into an established, very well-run local yarn store with a good reputation in the area of having people that really know what they're doing as the workers in the store, showing them my Phoenix sweater start and having one of the women say, "You know you're insane, right?"

It was nearly as great as hearing rephetibel's giggle when she first saw it. :-)

Kathy once told me that whenever she goes into a particular sushi restaurant in SD that whenever the chef sees her, he looks behind her to see if she brought Jon Singer along and his face seems, to her at least, to fall a bit whenever she doesn't bring Singer along. I think I know how that chef feels. There are some people that really get what it is that I'm doing... there are others that look at it and go, "Oh, that's pretty!"

I brought along a bit of the black rainbow yarn as well, and there was one spinner who was just in awe. Especially when I told her she should take it out into the sunlight to see all the colors. It looks like it's mostly just dark in the dark, but when it's out in the sunlight, you suddenly realize all those 'dark' strands are all different colors, green, purple, brown, black, blue, and a midnight red that doesn't seem possible. And since I'd Navajo-plied it, it's nearly as smooth as commercial yarns.

There was a another lady that said, "Look what she's doing, and she even has a child!!" Jet peered at me, afterward, when I repeated it to John. "I don't get in the way of your knitting," he said quite calmly as he happily knit away at his various knitting looms. He now has a new spool knitter with six prongs, and he's happily trying to make a coiled disk on it. He's also knitting at a red, sparkling sweater that I finally got him to pair with a worsted red yarn. AND he's trying to make a blue on blue bag for his Hot Wheels cars on another loom. He is not a single project kind of guy, I guess.

The lady that had been so impressed with my work invited me to bring stuff to a show the shop is having, but the entry form said that it had to be an original design. This was certainly NOT my design. So I probably won't enter it for that, but they have other shows, too, of finished work. So I might enter the sun/moon sweater or something. John certainly won't wear it for a while.
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