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Jet managed to not only knit a little disk of cord for himself, but he also built a cord knitter from a toilet paper core, plenty of tape, and eight finishing nails he begged off of John.  Happy boy.  The cord he's making from his homemade knitter is better than the cord he's making off the knitter he bought yesterday at the yarn store.  He's very happy about it, too.  :-)

I decided to make myself one, too.  *giggles*  It was quick and easy and I'll likely hand it off to Ivy if she wants it, but it was a bit of childhood again to just sit and knit around and around and around and...

One of the shop ladies at the store showed me a book of what to *do* with the cords once they're knit.  So that's cool.  There's an alligator in there with poseable limbs due to judicious use of pipe cleaners.  That could be pretty cool.  There's also a hair band in there that I could probably use, as I'm tired of paying for hair bands.  I'm likely to just knit one anyway from an iridescent peacock yarn I spun a while back as I don't know of many projects small enough for the amount of yarn I have

After being asked to be on a board at church for the last... three years?  I finally said yes to the worship board.  After having been a deacon for all those years back in Redmond, it seemed like I could do something with them if I wanted.  What was utterly unexpected, for me at least, was having one of the women go, "Oh!  I'm *so* glad you're on this board!"  *blink* *blink*  I'll admit it, there's still a big portion of myself that says I'm a counterfeit Christian, not *really* Christian... or at least not an acceptable type anyway.  More like one of the whores or tax-collectors or Samaritans bewildered by the invitation or even the attention, "You can't mean me??"

But then, maybe, that's the point to my type of Christianity.

It was mildly startling to have my old management and engineering reflexes kick in without even realizing it and the next thing I know I'm telling the chair what things to follow up on that she left out... so I'm now tasked with minutes and getting an email alias for everyone.  Laughter.

I did come to a realization, though.  The chair asked everyone to contemplate the question of what it was that worship does for them and to try and say a few words about it. Everyone set to furiously scribbling on their pads and I resisted the temptation to do so and I sat back and thought for a while... on the surface what I want is contradictory.  I want to learn.  I want to be challenged.  I want acceptance, though.  I want safety, comfort, familiarity, and from that place of safety to be questioned and driven as well.  It reminded me of my relationship with John.  Oh went the connections in my brain.  That's what it is... worship is where I touch base on my relationship with God.  Like Her or hate Her or argue with Her or thank Her or wrestle with Her... all those things are appropriate during worship and my coming to grips with where I am in relationship with God.

There's also a Disciples class starting up.  32 weeks of once a week classes with *homework* and stuff.  But the class reads the whole Bible, blood, guts, arguments, and mistakes and all and I've never done that.  I remembering reading up in order to do Usenet battle for gay rights, for pro-choice, for... a lot of things where people would write me later and go, "I didn't *know* anyone could go toe to toe with those fundamentalists and sling verse and chapter for verse and chapter..."  But it would be fun to figure out what it all means for *me*.    I never did get through Confirmation.  Maybe this is the way I do it. 

It was intriguing for me to find out from our minister, during his sermon, that there are eight accepted versions of what "The Kingdom of God" really is about and they all have supporting verses in the Bible.  The amusing thing, to me at least, is that some of them are wildly contradictory. 
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