Liralen Li (liralen) wrote,
Liralen Li

Mixed Bag

Today's our anniversary! That's cool.

John gave me yellow roses with red tips. Beautiful. Very nice.

We had a lovely breakfast at Lucille's! Which was quite delicious.

And then we went to Staples and Best Buy as we're in kinda an upgrade mode with respect to our home office. My camera is also semi-broken. There's something in it that makes it so that it just can't see, but if you bang the camera, it knocks something back into place and then it does stuff okay for a bit. Then something jiggles loose again and... it's a four-year-old camera and it's done a lot of good stuff for me. So I'm sorry to see it go. But Best Buy had a sale on the Canon A560, and I'm so happy with my A70, I wanted to stay in the family with the AA batteries. And it was on sale, best price in our neighborhood, though not the absolute best price I've seen. It's a definite upgrade from my old A70 and I'm very, very happy with that, too.

Problem is that I woke up with "pink eye", again. So, following my mother's advice, I went to an ophthalmologist instead of my family doctor, and he looked at it and went, hm... there's cobble-stoning on your eyelids, likely it's an allergic reaction to the proteins on your contact lenses. I just *started* wearing these lenses. Then I asked, "I'm also allergic to grasses, pollen, trees, and lots of other things, would that cause this, too?" He thought about it, "Yeah. It would look exactly like this, too." I didn't say, well, and that would mean that I could wear my contacts when I'm not in severe allergic reaction from EVERYTHING ELSE. Ahem. And I'm not doomed to have the only solution be glasses or getting my eyes cut. Which might not be THAT bad, from what everyone says, but still...

Good news is finding a more plausible explanation than the neighborhood pool. Bad news is that I'll have to wear my glasses for the next month while I try a relatively safe antihistamine drop in the eyes for that long. Plus the ominous possibility of never wearing contact lenses again.

Other bad thing was that I woke up in the middle of the night unable to breath. Asthma got really bad last night. Sigh. So I'm going back to the doctor's and I suspect that the allergy problem in the eyes is connected to the allergy problem in my chest and since doctor's got so fixed on not doing allergy shots for allergy problems and just prescribing Claratin and its like... and I haven't had an allergy test here in Colorado and I'm well past due. Seven years is long enough for me to get sensitized to the area's stuff. *sigh*

Best thing about all that, though, is that John supported me every inch of the way, and was really great about making sure that I took care of myself instead of ducking the whole thing and 'hoping' it'll get better without me having to go talk to people. *sigh* We've had a pretty full week, as John, Tonya, and I have been teaching the science portion of the Vacation Bible School at our church. So we're just full up, and then all these other things come back to haunt me. Ah well.
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