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The visit to my usual doctor was quite fruitful this time. Oddly so in some ways.

One of the things I hadn't really realized was that by moving to Erie in 1999 and then just four years later (and a pregnancy, where my immune system is supposed to be less active anyway) we moved to Longmont. By doing so, we avoided my systemic allergies. Up to this point, I've had to have allergy shot therapy just about everywhere I've ever lived. I thought, perhaps, that Colorado was just too inhospitable to growing things, perhaps...

But it really looks like my allergies are just hitting me here in a different way than in Seattle or in Southern California. Basically, both my eye problems and the asthma are from the same source. Duh. What I hadn't realized was that the small move had made such a big difference in my reactions.

But, it being the time when everything pollinates around here and rag weed being really bad, and antihistamines being something that throws off allergy tests, my doctor actually gave me the choice. Treat the symptoms or treat the source. Tough it out with all the symptoms and my little inhaler and no Claratin through to the end of the month and then get tested, or just treat everything now and when the big frosts hit, just stop everything then and get treated during the winter. Ragweed is big right now, and I already know have problems with that.

At least I know why. *grin*

The big antihistamine he's given me has already helped. Advair is a bit more fraught with the big "This stuff kills more people than not using this stuff" study disclaimer on the front, but... it's helped in the past, it was better knowing it was a 1:1000 chance greater than without, rather than some of the percentages I was given about how Jet would turn out. I'll ask him for something else next time, but the asthma is now under real control. As John has said, it changes my whole personality when I use the inhaler than when I don't. Stupid me for not using it more.

But the eyes are definitely better between the drops and the systemic. My breathing is definitely better. Now I know there is actually a root cause to deal with. So that's better, too.
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