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Happy Evening

John had an early evening meeting at the church, so Jet and I had an evening together.

It was great.

Jet started at a friend's house, playing happily at Chris' until 6. I got some Okami in, but stopped as soon as he came home.

We headed out to Noodles and Company and had dinner. Jet had the buttered noodles with Parmesan and butter. I had the mushroom stroganoff. We shared a plate of six potstickers and a bottle of orange soda. Mmm..

From there we went to the mall and did "Glow Golf". I'm not even quite sure what the place is actually called, but all the putt putt golf bits are painted in florescent paints and the place is lighted only with black lights. Jet loves it, and I enjoy it too for a relaxing evening walk. We spent a good hour wandering through the various holes.

Then, hand in hand, the two of us strolled through the mall.

We stopped at Game Stop and peered at the used PlayStation 2 games and came up with Tak: The Great Juju Challenge. Jet found it quite happily for just $10. He then went up to the cashier and said, "Excuse me, do you have Avatar?" "What platform?" I stepped in, "PlayStation 2, please." They had another used copy of it, but for $18. I thought about it and decided to buy both. We're out of game at the moment, for our PS2, we've played everything through twice on both of the Lego games. I'm on my third run through of Okami, and we've lost count of the Bandicoot runs. Jet and I, between us, have played the Incredibles levels all the way through three times, at least, and Jet's played through the Polar Express for the fifth time. Jax and Dexter got frustrated mid-way through, we may have to revisit it sometime. Sonic is *so* not for the PS2 platform it's not even funny. So it was good to get another couple of E-rated games.

Then we went to the toy store, and strolled around and poked, rolled, and bounced a few things. We ended up by the Klutz books (as always), and I reached for the "How to Make Mini Books" book. Jet asked what it was and when I said, he said he wanted to do that. He wanted to make books, too, and could I please buy it for him to use, too? I couldn't resist both the book *and* him, so I bought it. I have a ton of paper and card stock, and I love accordion books. I keep lusting after the Japanese Moleskine, and the book actually has a way of making a book with pockets in the covers and accordion-style pages that can unfold sequentially as well as in a big strip. Even cooler there's a way to just put a cover on each end and a button and string fastener that holds it together.

Lots of cool ideas. Jet loves his simple staple book and his 'chocolate bar' book, which resides/hides in a chocolate bar "wrapper". His just happens to reside in a box of "Black Pearl" specialty chocolate. I didn't actually have any wrappers. Just chocolate bars in boxes. I guess that says something about my taste in chocolate.

We built those books for him and then we went up to get him ready for bed. It was a comfortable way to wind down afterward. The usual pajama and teeth brushing rituals followed by our traditional three books. I put the HEPA air filter in his room as he'd been pretty stuffy the last couple of days. Maybe we should just get another one, as they're relatively cheap at Target, though the filters are kind of expensive to replace. The good thing was that the day had cooled off so quickly that the house is already in the low 70's, so I was able to close off his room and leave the filter on for a bit. Jet's nose cleared up while we were reading his book and he fell asleep nearly instantly. So I'm glad of the filter, now.

So a very happy, playful evening. I enjoyed Jet a lot and I'm thankful for feeling good enough to do so.
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