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We're getting flooded with tomatoes. Lots and lots and lots of super ripe garden tomatoes. I only planted six plants this year, of the regular sized tomatoes. We had four last year and didn't get quite enough for what we and our neighbors wanted, but instead of getting all indeterminate plants, I got three that were supposed to be determinate.

Or at least, I *kept* three that were supposed to be determinate. The difference is that the indeterminate tomatoes keep growing and growing and producing all along that time. Determinate plants are supposed to do one big load of fruit and then stop.

They're certainly doing the Big Load right now. But they're forming more fruit and the plants have grown twice as big as the package said they would and...

I guess they like where they are. *laughter*

So I'm roasting and freezing and doing tomato sauce by the bucket full and I'm contemplating ketchup making. And wow. Our neighbors are very, very happy. Our church members really like 'em. The folks at the OUR center have their own flood of tomatoes to deal with. *laughter* That's kind of fun to know it's my fault.

But, it's amazing how many huge tomatoes the things have cranked out, and are still ripening more and more of them every couple of days. We're picking a bucket or two full of them every three days. I haven't been weighing them, but now I'm thinking about it. But I've already roasted and frozen three half sheets of tomato halves and done two batches of AB's roasted tomato sauce.

It's mad and wonderful. *grin*
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