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It Is Good To Live With A Six-Year-Old

This morning, Jet asked, "Who made God?"

We said, quite honestly, that we didn't know. That there's some that believe there's always been and always will be God, but that it was a good question.

We had dinner at Country Buffet, and in the midst of our meal, the big bee mascot came to our table to sign for Jet to high-5 him. As the guy left, Jet said, thoughtfully, "I don't like it when people are stuffed."

Us either, kid.

At this particular moment, Jet is getting a demonstration of how the Sun makes for longer and shorter days as it goes around the Earth, with a flashlight as the stand-in for the Sun and his one dollar globe as the stand-in for the Earth. While we were thinking it all through, Jet said, "I bet the real earth doesn't have a big C around it."

I like having a kid that thinks.

While talking through evolution and "Who was born first?", Jet said, "Well... we evolved from animals and little plants and things, so it's hard to tell who got born first. I guess the president would know."

I wish.

I got to see 300 today. I wished I'd seen the ships in the storm on the big screen, though, for more that the few seconds in the preview. I liked some of the additions as they were definitely in the spirit of the story. I also have to admit I loved the duet of a choreography with two of the Spartans somewhere in the last half of the movie. It was just gorgeous and I know how hard it is to coordinate two fighters like that, and... just Wow.

Hmm... there is some part of me that really liked it a lot. Kind of the way I like historical Hong Kong martial arts films. It has that kind of acting, I guess. Though it had tons more in terms of affects and money, but the heart of it was the same in many ways. I saw Gerard Butler win "Action Actor of the Year" from the Stunt Guild of America, and he was astonishingly humble, but the guys that nominated him had lots of clips of him doing a lot of the fighting sequences himself. I admire that.

I know a lot of folks panned it, but I liked the graphic novel enough to buy it, but I only spent a dollar on the rental.

I took my second day with Jet in school to read all of Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows, and I have to say that I liked it. I had the same problems with the middle of the book as I had with some of the other bigger books, but I realized that it's definitely me. One of my Gallup/Rath Strengths is "Achiever", which is also a... hmm... goad? weakness? really something not always easy to live with. It means that I always have to be making progress, see *some* kind of thing done with the end goal in mind. Combined with Strategy and Developer, it means that I always see a way and even the tiniest steps are enough, but there *have* to be steps, there has to be improvement and progress. So when the kids are just sitting there because they can't see what to do next, it drives me insane.

I think it's one of the reasons I love the Dresden books so much, as well as the Bujold books, as the protagonists in all instances will go out an Poke Things until something happens. With both of them, usually an avalanche happens All At Once, which is fine by me. But that slow agony of Doing Nothing just makes me want to kick something.

I do want to thank everyone on my friends list for NOT spoiling even the smallest bit of the last book. I appreciate it greatly.

Wednesday morning was OUR center garden, and I'm still sore all over and especially in my hamstrings. I picked strawberries and unsupported raspberries. I picked cucumbers, zucchini, green beans, beets, and kohlrabi. John and I picked a good two gallon's worth of cherry tomatoes. I pulled three buckets' worth of weeds and pulled a tree and pulled two giant dills.

I deserved my quart-sized lemonade afterward.

I spent a lot of today figuring out the dyeing on the Sock Hop wool from Crown Mountain Farms. I spread out a bunch of the dyed stuff to see how they did it and I think I figured it out. Easier to reverse engineer after having worked with it three or four times. But it's hard to find a white as white as their superwash Merino, so I'll probably end up buying theirs anyway as the white is a very important characteristic of their dye jobs. Back when the dyed stuff was only fifteen dollars for an eight ounce bundle it seemed silly to spend the twenty-five for the pound of white. Now, though, it's kind of worth the doing, as the price has gone up to $19, and they still don't have quite the colors I dream about.

That said, I'm still spinning up what I have of Ain't No Mountain High Enough and Twist and Shout. They are beautiful, and I'm getting great practice trying to get it to the right weight.
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