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An Interesting Birthday Party

My Sand Tray
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A friend of mine at church had a very interesting birthday party, which was very useful for me. We all gathered at a little Art Farm in north Boulder, had some dinner and then "did sand trays".

She'd explained it as being something like a tarot reading, so I had some idea of what to expect, but no real experience with these things before. But I think I'm getting myself back together enough, now, to be intrigued by it.

The only real instructions were to first appeal to the "spirit/God/bigger/unknown side" of myself to give me a message, and then to just grab anything off the shelves that grabbed me back. *grin* And then place them in a way that was pleasing. Emotional or logical or visual or whatever. Each of the ladies picked their own tray and there were all kinds of trays from a metal basket to a huge wooden platter to giant shells... and everyone picked one of three kind of sand and then got to pick from thousands of objects curio.

It was pretty interesting what ended up on the tray just by what caught my attention, and I'm still thinking through all the symbolism of what I got and how I placed things. She did warn us that there would be objects that would just call to us even if we didn't want them, didn't like them at all.

The lady running the Art Farm said that she did it as an art exercise, not as therapy. It's just symbolism and interpretation of 3-d art. Though I'll be the first to admit that what I made didn't look like art to me, it was fun anyway.

I picked the tray because eventhough it was compartimentalized, it all flowed to the center. Silver because I liked the reflective nature of it. The sand matched the tray in color and it was the gritty sand like in Jet's play sandboxes, so I liked that association.

I realize, now, that my engrained Tarot reading organization was mildly at work as well with a Celtic Cross type of arraingement.

At the "bottom" or basis or long past of my life was always looking like Superman to a lot of folks (he was one of those objects that I did NOT want, but had to be there) and how it would often turn me inward. Meditation as a balance and solace, but it also turned me completely inward instead of being able to reach out.

On the right or near past, was the whole hand/upper body overuse problem (represented by the spooky slender hand) being conquered (flowing inwards, from past to now?) by the little knitting lady. She's a spool knitter and she looked so prim and proper. *laughter* When they asked who I might be on the tray, I gravitated to the knitting lady. *grin*

At the top, in Tarot terms, the highest goal/aspiration was, I suddenly realized when asked to explain it, was my family. John as the Happy Buddha, Jet the tiger cub. I'd originally been caught by the tiger on sight, but had to put it back when it was just a cub. Not me, certainly, but then I had to pick it up again and put it up there, and didn't realize until asked to explain. The complex, colorful, orderly star up with them is actually a dog toy, too. *laughter* Maybe a dog in the future? Maybe Fezzik (who *was* after John and before Jet)? Or maybe a representation of my relationship with my boys? Complex and beautiful and intended to be fun.

To the left... near future... it's all water. Water jug, watering can (gardening?), and the sea shell and the ocean. A pouring out of growth and mystery and bounty, unstinting and surprisingly generous.

I looked for a Phoenix, but didn't find one for the center. Instead there was the glassed in conflaguration. Originally, I'd picked it as the fire/pyre for my old life... but at the last moment the rainbow strand of stars caught my eye. It had to be the "nest" for the glass globe. Then, when I was open for questions and observations, my friend said, "It's an egg."

Oh. Yes. It is. Beginnings and endings all in one. Celebrated! Hee.

The "instructor" also noted that the energy in the center is incredible and that nothing had better get in the way of that. Better yet, it's firmly centered. Solid. Something that draws from all aspects and parts of what's been going on. She said that it probably indicated that I'd better get cracking with the creative side of myself now.

I think I agree. I'm so glad I got to process what's going on at this level and in this way. It's pretty cool.
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