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Bodies in Motion

With the beginning of Jet's school year, we seem to be thrown in to motion. We seem to have something to do every day. We're meeting new folks, and Jet's gaining new friends, and I'm signing up for stuff again and opening up for the first time in a while.

I actually did the lay leader parts for church on Sunday. Just got up and read things and it was easier than I thought when I knew nearly everyone in the audience. Nice to do.

There's a new family in the cul de sac, with a boy that's seven. He's Asian and he has the same meticulousness that Jet does, but he's older and more in control of what's going on around him. He and Jet got along just fine and Jet really likes being with him. So they're starting to go over to each others house for playing and stuff. The older boy really wants to do more than Jet can at the moment, but he doesn't seem to mind doing them with Jet, but it's really obvious that he's older and more capable than Jet is.

John and I saw Stardust, yesterday and at the ending I thought, "That's NOT a Gaiman ending..." I did the thing I'd been thinking of for so long and didn't read the book until *after* seeing the movie. I enjoyed the movie tremendously, and realized that there were definitely parts of it that were and weren't Gaiman. The parts that were too neatly done, too dramatic, 1and too nicely coordinated were clearly not Fairie... *laughter*. Happily ever after was never a Gaiman trait, and there it was...

But the movie was so beautiful, and I loved how it did work out and how the plots did interweave so deftly. I *liked* how things ended up with the father, and how the movie plot finished. So I enjoyed it a lot.

I love the book, too, but for entirely different reasons and ones that I probably shouldn't show Jet until he's more grown up.

I also watched the beginning of Mirrormask and watched Feasting on Asphalt the last episode. I also made mint chocolate chip ice cream, which both Jet and John loved as it was very minty indeed. I just made the same recipe as for vanilla and just substituted the same amount of mint extract as for vanilla and that was very potent indeed.

I finished a pair of socks for Jet, and, over the weekend, spun up more of the Twist and Shout for more Jet socks as he's clearly outgrown his old ones. His feet are only a mere two inches shorter than mine. He's going to have his father's big feet.

I did a few rows of the Phoenix sweater yesterday, but with the mobile knitting represented by Jet's socks, now that I'm able to knit anywhere, I'm over working my hands. *sigh* I'll have to remember that. But I really want to get the sweater done before I head into retirement and before I sign up for any spinning work.

I got a massage from Bonnie yesterday and it was a godsend for my legs and body and hands. It's just such a relief when she works me over, it's amazing. I should still support it with water and exercise and not bunching up the loosened muscles again until I have to. :-)

It amuses me that I'm getting a lot less sleep than during the summer, again. I now have a reason to get up in the morning, though I now have even less reason to stay up late at night. I should sleep earlier at night, but we have this habit of just staying up until about 11, while I knit and John watches TV.

Cool thing is that I seem to have lost five pounds over the summer and kept it off. I'm glad. Hee.

I am, occasionally, getting frustrated with my teeth not quite meeting right, still. But things don't *hurt* the way they used to. My meds for my eyes and lungs all seem to be working pretty well, but I'm really tired of my glasses. *sigh* But I seem to be functioning. *grin*

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