Liralen Li (liralen) wrote,
Liralen Li

Dresden Files

Watching the TV shows is really weird.

It's like everything has the familiar labels and all that, but completely different meanings behind them. Characters by a name that is in the books have entirely different characteristics. It's weird. Good in its own way, but really weird.

Dresden himself is really low powered, he only does the kinds of subtle magic that he's no good at in the books, and he falls for just about anyone in heels. Murphy never sees *anything*. Bob isn't an elemental he's actually a ghost. Bianca is a blend of her and Lara and there's only two Courts.

It's like everything is simplified and made TV. Which, I guess, it is.

I think the biggest difference is that in the books I'm *in* Harry's mind. You can't do that in TV. But the whole thing about emotions feeding Harry's magic is completely out of the whole story.

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