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I cried, too

At the opening ceremonies for the Winter Olympics. For some reason I've always liked the Winter Games better than the summer ones, maybe because they're smaller and most of the spectators have to really be into it to be watching... or something... closer participation.

The wind is still pounding today. I was watching the ceremonies last night and going, man, the wind that's making it hard to hear it the same wind that they're getting.

It was so odd watching the five tribes of the Native Americans of Utah gathering there and wondering if it would be the last public televising of the gathering of dwindling nations. Sad and solemn and glad with the blessings. Where will the tribes be for future Olympics? Most speculative future fiction only mentions the last of a the tribes, never that they might thrive or grow stronger. Yeah, it was with the gathering of the chiefs that I cried.

I loved the look on Spielberg's face as he held the Olympic flag. Such wonder and joy and amazement on the face of a man who has been in big things, it was cool to realize that he could feel how amazing it could be to be involved in something that involves so much of the world. I think that I am not jaded about that because I worked that one summer for the LA Olympics and being in the midst of it, working hard at it, and being a part of a huge team that was trying to Make It Work made it amazing. Cooperation on a world scale is something to wonder at and hope again, especially when one is *involved* rather than just watching from the sidelines. Though watching, this time, reminded me of the old involvement.

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