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A More Interesting Problem

So we went to Dr. Ladd on Mountain View this morning and I was very impressed.

He asked quite a few questions for data I hadn't thought to volunteer at first, and they were very relevant. It was cool to have him *ask* questions that were intelligent. He also tested a lot of things. He took and x-ray, he did the contact paper test, and he showed me all the data that pertained to what he thought was going on. He was also very interested in Dr. Snyder's toothguard and wanted to know more about it and asked for contact information for him as he was interested in other dentist's techniques!!

It wasn't long before I realized that I really would rather go to Dr. Ladd on a regular basis than my old dentist.

He did answer my questions. The crown is 'good', i.e. it fits in the ways it needs to. It isn't the impact site. And it pretty much works given how much was carved from the top teeth. The amount taken from the top teeth was acceptable as well.

My bite is mostly even on the back teeth on that side. There isn't anything that can just be adjusted to fix it. Rather than accepting my opinion and just "fixing things" he asked me to come back next week with my tooth guard still on from the night and we'd check the whole bite problem right at its worst rather than giving it a couple of hours to adjust as much as it could.

He doesn't just react to my emotions, he takes real data to figure out what's going on, and I think that's the biggest difference for me. Eventhough Dr. Walgast at Perfect Teeth seems to do acceptable work, he really seems to work off my emotions and doesn't do the data check that I really need to feel secure. So I'm likely to just go with Dr. Ladd from now on. Even if the answer isn't an easy one and it isn't just a "fix" to get things 'right'... so...

He also said that most people have some bite problems. That it's not actually that uncommon. That helped a lot in an odd way.

No answer for today. Nothing's fixed but my emotional turmoil about what's going on, but that's such a huge thing....

We celebrated by going to the Daylight Donuts and I'm cheerfully working my way through an apple fritter even as I write. *laughter*
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