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Yellow Submarine

Transformation is always the most interesting part of this fiber art stuff... I love how things mutate simply through what work I put into the item rather than any particular property of the item itself.

I did a dyeing and spinning thing just in the last week and I love, love, love the results... even as I'm kind of in the midst of them.

I dyed this on the day that I dyed, along with the iris yarn:

Coil of Wool

I loved how it turned out as it's a lot like the qualities I like about the Sock Hop fiber that they sell. It works on the colors blending themselves as they're plied and having plenty of white between colors so that they don't bleed into each other and the white, itself, does quite a bit of shading between sections of the yarn.

The yarn that I spun from it looks like this:
Yellow Submarine Yarn

Jet, while I was spinning it said, quite confidently, "That's MY yarn, right, Mom? It has all the colors I asked for and it's beautiful." For a while he wanted socks and mittens and some for cording as well. I'm not exactly sure four ounces will go that far, but the cool thing is that it's likely that I can recreate this. *grin*
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