Liralen Li (liralen) wrote,
Liralen Li

The Boulder Knit Out

It was fun.

It more fun since I brought Jet with me to it.  He carried his camp chair and his knitting bag, a big turquoise bag into which he put his whole spooling kit, his hand-made spooler, and all his yarn and needles and a yarn cutter.

"Mom," he said, "I have more knitting equipment than you do."

I just nodded, "It's likely, Jet."

I brought the Phoenix sweater, and it had the desired affect.  Even though I knew no one, people got up out of their chairs and came over to look at it and touch it and admire, which was a good way to start a conversation for me while I was amidst strangers. 

Jet, on the other hand, set up his chair next to a lady from Denver, and said, "See my cording thing?" And went on to describe in detail how his spooler worked.  He is very much like his father.  It's a good thing.  He happily talked and had conversations with a few of the ladies there, and he worked very quietly and with all his concentration on his knitting.  He was great. 

John did great, too, and brought us lunches of smoothies and pot stickers. He did all the shopping I wanted done, and by the end of the Knit Out, we had a bag of produce along with a bit more knitting done.  All in all it was a win.  :-)
Tags: knitting
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