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Dreams and Truths Uttered By Kids

I used to have a series of assassination dreams.  Dreams where I'd go out and kill those that needed killing.  They'd show up the most when I was working really, really hard and doing a lot of work.  Now I wonder, kinda, what they might have meant to me, or what it was I was trying to subconsciously balance back then?  I'm taking a dreams and art class as my adult Sunday education class, and it's just bemusing to think about.   There was no fear or distress in those dreams just an even more sharpened sense of the types of efficiency I have always had in sections of my life.

I had a dream this morning with Jet's younger brother in it.  He was just a two-year-old, curled up in my arm, after the four of us went swimming in a crystal clear, hot spring warmed pool in the depths of a blue-black crystal cave.  He was doing great at swimming, chasing his older brother around, and was as sweet as Jet.  His swim diaper was actually better at protecting his butt from the hardness of the rocks when we were sitting and resting a bit.   A very calm dream.  Only sad after I woke up.

Which was when Jet jumped on me and said, "Mom!  Mom!  Wake up.  Breakfast is ready."   Then he lay on me and rocked and rolled until I grunted, "I'm awake.  I'm awake..." and then he fled down the hallway yelling, "Dad!  Dad!  Mom's up!"

Friday night was a good Fun Fest thing at the school.  Jet ran around playing everything, and by the end of the evening, he'd tell the person running the game that he didn't want the prizes, he just wanted to play.  A few of them looked a bit stricken and tried to argue him into a stuffed animal from Ice Age 2 or Shrek or giant sunglasses and plastic money, but he'd politely decline until they got it.  I was impressed.

Saturday morning when I got up, I was cranky.  It took me a cup of coffee to admit it aloud, "Mommy is *cranky* this morning."

"You can't be cranky, Mom." said Jet, "You just retired.  You can't be cranky."

So, following his wisdom, I pulled myself together, and stopped being cranky.  It was much better than the other. 

A former pastor of our church, the man who baptized Jet with water from the River Jordan, Michael Leite died this last week.  It was very sad for us and for quite a few folks in the church.   The memorial service was on Saturday.  Unfortunately, Jet had a birthday party he was invited to at nearly exactly the same time, and his party was in Longmont, and the memorial service was in Denver.  So Jet and I did the birthday party and John did the memorial service, which he said was very, very good and a huge number of people showed up, including folks who had started the local gay, lesbian, and transsexual organizations more than twenty years ago with his support and help.  Wow.  I wished I'd been there.  So it is.  But there were lots of great stories and lots of ways to remember Michael and his family.

Jet and I went to Sunflower Farm and had cake and watched presents, and he played with the stuff there and a few of the other kids.  What was interesting was that nearly a third of the kids there really sounded like they really liked Jet and knew him well.  But he didn't really seem to know the other kids that well.  And he knew the birthday boy best by the fact that that boy was the one that had accidentally run into him last Halloween and had given him that huge bump on his head.  Jet speculated quietly with me that that was why he was invited to the party, that it was kind of a sorry.  But he kind of frowned while he said it.  But it was pretty obvious he didn't fit in with the other kids that well and when the Mom said that I could just leave him, he said he'd rather I stayed.  So I did, and watched and knit while he played on the things he wanted to do.

Last night was my retirement celebration night, so we went to Sakura's and had good sushi and then went to the White Mountain Creamery and I indulged in the creme brulee and tiramisu gelatos (1/3 less fat but all the flavor! ha...).  Jet had his favorite mint chip and John enjoyed the chocolate cinnamon.  We had a good evening, all in all, and I was glad.  Then John wanted to get me a retirement gift, a battery for my long defunct watch.  The watch has a calendar function in it, and the idea is that now that I'm retired, I'm going to need *something* to track what day it is.  *laughter*

We walked through the mall to get to the watch repair shop and as we came even with the toy store, Jet suddenly brightened, "Hey, Mom!  Now that you're retired, you should get a toy for yourself!  Something you can play with and, maybe, share with me. But you should really get it for yourself!"  How sweet.  :-)

Jet's a great kid. 

This morning was the dream class and then church.  My knitting friend at church bought me some of the Lorna's Laces "Black Pearl" sock yarn from a site where she was getting stuff.  I bought her stuff at Knit Picks, but am waiting on the shipment.  It's good to be able to trade that way.  The new Harmony wooden knitting needles are really amazing me at the moment.  *laughter*  I *want* the full sock set, but am unlikely to ever get it for myself, as I *have* all those sizes in metal, bamboo, and wood already.  But... I still want. 

The Hispanic ladies in the church did a great spread for the snack time after church. Mexican Independence Day is today, after all. They usually do something around now and around May 5th.  It's always a fantastic homemade handmade spread, and today it was real queso with chorizo, peppers, onions, and stuff.  It was great. 

Tanner and Macy came over for a while.  They played quite happily and then had to go home at 1.  Jet and John did homework and are now doing video games.  For the whole coming week, John is having meetings at the church during dinner time four days out of the week.  So Jet and I are going to be on our own for most of the week.  So John's trying to fill in for the other times.  I am content to have a bit of time to write, now.

One cool thing is that at the birthday party, Jet got a small book of Mad Libs.  He would ask me what he was supposed to put in every blank, and when I said, "Noun" or "Adjective" he'd ask, "What is that?" and I'd tell him and give him some examples, and then he'd write it in.  He would sound out and spell every word he put in.  So he got a lot of practice as there were nearly eight different "stories" in there, but he's stuck with it and written in every single blank.  Whew. 

That's pretty good for a first grader, and I put that on his "verbal interaction time sheet"... laughter... or reading tracker for yesterday.  Each day they do something intensely verbal, they get an entry in their tracker, and for each page, they get a paper "scoop" of ice cream, and when the whole class gets 20 scoops, they get to have an ice cream party!   He's pretty excited about that, and since we pretty much read to him for fifteen or twenty minutes every day anyway, it's easy for him to rack up the points. 

So the best thing is that after the small adjustment at Dr. Ladd's my bite has gotten better.  It's not perfect, and on the second day I felt it was worse than before, but I don't have that single trembling point of pain on the left side anymore.  My bite is getting better, still a little painful when I'm chewing on something hard to chew, but much better than before.  Yay for progress, even one step at a time...
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