Liralen Li (liralen) wrote,
Liralen Li

Top Ten Career Choices Meme

Courtesy of niherlas 

1. Go to
2. Put in Username: nycareers, Password: landmark.
3. Take their "Career Matchmaker" questions.
4. Post the top ten results.

1. Electrical Engineering Tech
2. Electronics Engineering Tech 
3. Technical Writer
4. Security Systems Technician
5. Electrician
6. Plumber
7. Sign Maker
8. Criminologist
9. Electronics Assembler
10. Cabinetmaker

It amuses me that I, basically, have electronics in five of my top ten.  Yeesh.

I went through the second set of questions, too, and the results made me blink a bit.  Especially the number one pick.
1. Film Editor
2. Database Developer
3. Business Systems Analyst
4. Scientist
5. Criminologist
6. Dental Hygienist
7. Communications Specialist
8. Writer
9.  Environmental Engineer
10.Technical Writer

Criminologist turns up on both, though, which really made me think.
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